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Career Development Center at COMSATS UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD, Islamabad Campus is primarily established to produce better employees and employers relations using the potential of students and graduates of CUI. Career Development Center is more than an office at the CUI, Islamabad campus. It’s a philosophy and it’s our culture. The primary goal of Career Development Center is to facilitate and support the professional and personal aims of students and their career planning...

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When should I visit one of the campus career centers?

Ideally, you should start exploring careers as early as your first year, so that you can apply for internship and research opportunities well before you start your eventual job search. However, we can work with you at any time during university.

Can graduate students use the services for career development?

Graduate students may activate their Handshake account to use our online database of jobs and internships at any time. Our website also has a lot of helpful information and is available to all members of COMSATS University Islamabad.

Check our website and Facebook page for internship and job opportunities. You can also visit our career development center website for more information

What careers are open to someone in my major?

The truth is — with a good plan in place — there are many different careers open to someone in your major, no matter what it is. There are some majors that do not have a direct link to the world of work, and many people do not pursue careers that relate directly to their degree.

Major in whatever you enjoy. You will be happy, engaged, and you’ll perform better in class. What matters most are the skills you develop in completing your degree, your achievements, and the work-related experience that you gain along the way.

When do I start looking for a full-time, professional job?

The job search, as most students imagine it (networking, researching employers, sending resumes, etc.), should begin at the end of third year. But the career development efforts that will make your job search successful begin NOW.

Taking your career development seriously requires you to invest your time exploring potential careers, starting and expanding your professional network of contacts, and building your skills and experience through involvement in student clubs, community volunteerism, internships, co-ops, part-time jobs, and summer experiences. In many cases, it is through these opportunities that you will discover options for post-graduation jobs.

What is the difference between a resume and a CV?

A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a specialized and extended resume that generally has more extensive details about your work experience and your skills. A CV is often multiple pages and includes publications, academic conference presentations, teaching experience, and public service. Usually, a CV is only necessary if you have an advanced graduate or professional degree and you are seeking a job in academia, scientific research, or applying for grants and fellowships. The vast majority of undergraduate students will have no need for a CV and should instead focus on developing several targeted resumes.

A resume is a one- or two-page document specifically tailored to the job or internship opening for which you are applying. Most employers want only as much information as needed to demonstrate that your skills and experience match the needs of the job description.

Be aware that some people will use the terms CV and resume interchangeably, which can be confusing. A faculty member may refer to your resume as a CV when they really mean your resume.

Where can I find an internship?

Students can find internships in different ways. Some secure positions on their own, through faculty, friends, family members, or others they know. Others will find and apply for positions through our website and facebook page. You can also meet our Incharge CDC for more information regarding internship jobs opportunities and career counseling. Students can participate in field experiences either part-time (or even full-time!) during the academic year, or during the summer months.

What do we do

How CDC Can benefits its stakeholders

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Placement Bureau

CDC, CUI Islamabad is working like a placement bureau for CUI students and alumni by continuously advertising jobs.

Industry – Academia Linkages

Career Development Center is working with leading industry players for creating strong linkages with public.

Graduate Recruitment

Career Development Center is continuously inviting different companies to conduct Graduate recruitment.

Campus Recruitment

Career Development Center (CDC) is continuously arranging campus recruitment Drives for the graduating students.

Capacity Building Workshop

Career Development Center (CDC) is continuously arranging capacity building workshops for the graduating students.

Job Fairs

Career Development Center is organizing Job Fairs on annual basis. The purpose of organizing the event is to provide an opportunity.

Job Search Assistance

Career Development Center is providing enrolled students assistance in securing part-time, temporary and summer employment.

Mock Interview Session

CDC is organizing mock interview session in every semester for the graduating students of CUI Islamabad.

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