PhD in Mathematics

Brief Introduction of PhD Mathematics Program

Mathematics is the most rigorous and demanding subject for all intellectual pursuits. Mathematics is important for all the disciplines of science. Studying Mathematics develops such skills as arguing logically and rigorously, thinking abstractly, formulating and solving problems, analyzing data, creating and analyzing mathematical models, etc. Employers value these skills; consequently, people with mathematical skills find themselves in demand by employers for careers in a wide spectrum of field. It is also essential for this region to have a Graduate degree program in Mathematics in such a prestigious institution CUI Vehari. This area, Vehari, has been found as a hub of core sciences learners during the stay and there are immense numbers of students who want to learn mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics is enthusiastic to provide a high-quality graduate/post-graduate education. The research-oriented atmosphere developed by the faculty of Mathematics will enable the graduates, a comprehensive and state-of-the-art understanding of Mathematics. The PhD program in Mathematics also upholds and strengthens the mission of CUI by providing excellence in instruction and innovation in research.

The professional diverse career opportunities may depend upon the individual skills and interests of the expected graduates. They may pursue their career in national and international organizations and academic institutions, research or in any field of life. In particular, the graduated student will be beneficial for the entire region to promote educational skills and applied knowledge gained from their mentors.


The objective of the PhD program is to make all the students capable to conduct research and possess appropriate, cogent and tangible knowledge in Mathematics, additionally, with in-depth study at least in one of the focused specialized areas

Entry requirements

An 18 years degree in the relevant field from an accredited educational institution, with CGPA 3.0/4.0, with no third division (annual system) or D grade (semester system) throughout the academic career. NTS GAT (Subject) with a minimum score of 60 and also the candidate has to pass the departmental interview.