Scholarships for International Students

CUI offer scholarships to International Students being nominee of different Governments and International Organizations for the Master’s and PhD programs. The salient features of CUI scholarships are as under:

CUI scholarships for nominees of OIC / ISESCO / AARDO and different Governments:

  • 100% tuition Fee i.e. US$ 1,000

CUI scholarships for nominees of COMSATS organization

  • 100% one-time admission fee
  • 100% semester fee

Scholarships for Countries and Organizations

OIC (Organization of the Islamic Cooperation)

COMSATS Headquarters

ISESCO (Islamic Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization)

African - Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO)

Consortium of Afghanistan Universities

Governments of Mauritius / Seychelles / Madagascar

Government of Azerbaijan

Government of Bhutan

Government of Maldives

Government of Nepal

Government of Sri Lanka

Government of Myanmar

Government of Kenya

Government of Belarus

Association of Commonwealth Universities Scholarships Tenable at CUI