About Us

The Department of Humanities at CUI has the highly qualified faculty members of many different fields including English Language, English Literature, Applied Linguistics, Islamic Studies, International Relations, and Pakistan Studies.

The Department offers world-class teaching and research, backed by the superb resources of the library, e-library and language laboratories.

Such historic resources are linked to cutting-edge agendas in research and teaching, with an increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary study addressing practical, educational and personality building issues significant to learners, educators, policy makers,communication professionals, and human resources managers. The Department of Humanities is continually pioneering new ways to teach and assess language, to research written discourse, and to teach writing for specific purposes. Along with facilitating students to enhance effective Englishusage at its best, the department plays a pivotal role in making students aware of their religious and moral values by teaching Islamic Studies, keeping track of the current political and social issues through courses of Pakistan Studies and International Relations, and making our youth aware of the humanitarian standards catering to their emotional well-being through Sociology and Psychology.