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Welcome to the Department of Heritage Studies, COMSATS Sahiwal.

Heritage Studies is a new discipline in Pakistan that focuses on archaeological exploration, heritage conservation, recovery and interpretation of date and management of ancient sites, monuments and historical remains.  The Department of Heritage Studies established at COMSATS Sahiwal is filling up deficiency in the career development of professionals in areas of archaeology, anthropology, heritage conservation, site management, cultural tourism and museum administration. The courses of study and internship in cultural heritage and archaeology offered at COMSATS, Sahiwal soon will lead to B.Sc. (Hons) and M.A. degrees. The teaching of national heritage laws and regulations, international Conventions, Charters and Recommendations will give you definitive guidelines for conservation, protection and exhibition of tangible heritage such as monuments and sites, cultural urban landscapes. The Department of Heritage Studies offering courses and building skills in managing cultural properties at national and international levels is filling up gaps in the availability of trained human power. Above all, the heritage related programmes and activities will create public awareness of the value of historical and cultural past of Pakistan which are very much relevant to the present life as it was to our ancestors.

There is no other educational institution in the country that offers such courses as listed in the Department of Heritage Studies. These courses are bound to have revolutionary impact while meeting challenges of our time. The study of ancient populations, their utilization of resources, responses to climatic and environmental pressures will create an appreciation of human genius of the past which is continually exhibited up to the present time. The programme of Heritage Studies will also enhance the image of Pakistan abroad as a partner of world civilizations. A recently established museum on campus named Montgomery Museum provides a window to the past cultural developments from the Harrappan Civilization to the local regional cultures folklore.

I am confident that our high profile national and international degree programme will contribute towards enhancing the national identity in cultural field. I cordially invite you to consider embarking on your professional studies at the Department of Heritage Studies.

Mohammad Rafique Mughal


Department of Heritage Studies

CIIT, Sahiwal

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