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Pakistan is blessed with a very rich and long history of cultural heritage of cultural heritage of fascinating beauty and creativity. It is represented by thousands of architectureal remains and buildings that reflect many epochs of human history starting from the Stone Age and going to the Harappan or Indus Civilization, Gandhar Civilization, by beautiful temples of pre-Islamic times, A large number of Islamic tombs, mosques, forts and cities, imposing Gurdwaras of Sikhs, and secular and religious architecture of the British colonial time present a colorful story of Pakistan`s architecture. Archaeological excavations carried out at various ancient sites in Pakistan have revealed thousands of antiquities and works of art, some of which are now displayed in various museums built at the sites of discovery, in provincial capitals or in the National Museum of Pakistan. Still, a large number of cultural treasures are lying buried in the forms of mounds which have not yet been excavated or investigated but are being destroyed in the process of economic development or neglect. Several hundred historical monuments of stone and brick are in desperate need of conservation and need to be saved from total destruction and disappearance for which heritage professionals are not available.

In recent years. There has been an extreme lack of regular teaching or training programme in heritage conservation, management and museum administration in the country. There is no in – Service programme of training in archaeology anywhere in the country. Such an absence of regular training and teaching programme has created an extreme shortage of professionals at all levels of private and public sectors in cultural heritage. Faced with serious shortage of education in heritage studies, it was imperative to create a comprehensive and progressive programme of teaching and training in cultural heritage. Thus, a new Department of Heritage Studies was created at COMSATS, Sahiwal. It includes a large museum to display Pakistan`s heritage with emphasis on central and southern Punjab. This museum, called “Montgomery Museum”, is the first of its kind to projects local and regional history, folklore, arts religion and traditional life of the people.



The CIIT,Sahiwal has started its journey to make the Department of Heritage Studies as a Centre of Excellence in archaeology and cultural heritage eventually . Specialists in South Asian archaeology of international repute, heritage of Islamic world, field archaeology, Gandhara and Harappan Civilization, heritage management and conservation and junior faculty with majors in Architecture and Design, Geography and Remote Sensing, Quranic Archaeology and Anthropology, have been appointed .A Curator of Montgomery Museum has been appointed with two assistants.

COMSATS Institute of Information technology has signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Punjab Directorate General of Archaeology for collaborative work in archaeology and conservation. It is unique opportunity to initiate heritage related programme in the Department of Heritage Studies involving teaching and training in archaeological research methodology, heritage administration and preservation comprehensively. This can be achieved by creating a culture of high quality education by incorporating the latest developments and techniques. Through its activities in research, outreach and education, the Department of Heritage Studies has a vision to work for:

  • Conservation and preservation of built heritage remains, ancient sites and antiquities
  • The museums and their exhibition.
  • Creation of museum, introducing Museum educational service and organizing exhibition and promote tourism.
  • Exploration and excavation of heritage sites through interdisciplinary research in collaboration with faculty and scholars of other universities in Pakistan.
  • Imparting education interpretation, design, and management of cultural heritage sites through geo-spatial techniques and restoration, for adaptive reuse of historic buildings, landscapes and cultural artifacts.
  • Increase employment opportunity.


Mission Statement

The Department of Heritage Studies will strive to enhance its capabilities by teaching and training students with the latest techniques used in heritage conservation, management and research. It is our mission to create awareness and sense of ownership of culture in the society especially in youth among the people so that they grow up with sense of pride in their own history and cultural. We hope to create a sense of responsibility in our leadership which will have positive impact nationally and internationally in education and socio- economic development. We will excel by offering new pregrammes, collaborating with the top ranking universities, enhancing infrastructure, developing faculty, conducting excavation of archaeological sites and creating linkages across the world .This needs strategic planning, budgeting and administrative priorities which have already been set in motion under strong leadership to make tremendous progress in research and heritage education.

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