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The Architectural Study of Pre-Mughal Monuments of Distt Sahiwal, Pakpattan and Malka Hanas

A study tour was organized by the Department of Heritage Studies under the supervision of Dr. M.R. Rafique Mughal(Advisor). The purpose was simply to attain maximum knowledge about the Pre-Mughal Monuments of District Sahiwal specially of Pakpattan and Malka Hanas. There are many stayed alive Pre-Mughal Monuments in this District and a few of these were selected to move on for study purpose. The Tomb of Sheikh Alauddin normally known as Moj Darya, Mosque of Waris Shah, Hujra Waris Shah and Pernami Temple were the selected monuments. These monuments are exited in Pakpattan and Malka Hanas. Dr.M.R. Mughal gave lectures about these monuments to faculty members of the department. With the briefing of Pre-Mughal Monuments, Tangible and Intangible Assets of above mentioned district were also discusses. 

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