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Who We Are?

Health Informatics multidisciplinary field focusing on the IT, Management, Tele communication and used of health related data, information and knowledge. By its nature, health informatics is challenging and complex, yet it is this complexity that makes it such an intriguing exciting and rewarding felid in which to be involved.

Health Informatics has the potential to facilitate the innovation of health care delivery and that innovation is much needed. As a result, Health Informatics is one of the most rapidly growing areas within Health care sector today.

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Collaborating Research Groups

Health Informatics Department has collaboration with research Labs; Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Lab (MID Lab), National Center of Artificial Intelligence, CUI and Next Generation Sequencing data analysis Lab (NGS Lab), ICCBS Karachi.
The main theme of the MID Lab is disease diagnostics from medical images such as MRI, CT scan, X-rays, and Histopathology. Three approved main projects are Brain tumor detection, Breast cancer detection and Tuberculosis and lung diseases identification and new areas of exploration and research includes COVID-19, Brain injury and Disease identification, prognosis and reoccurrence prediction using radio-genomics
Also see the below mentioned social media link for more information. https://www.linkedin.com/company/midlncaicomsats

Next Generation Sequence Analysis (NGS) that has a variety of applications in personalized genomic medicine and drug design. NGS data analysis includes a variety of tasks like; Data storage and handling, RNASeq data acquisition and analysis, Gene networks and networks motifs, Genome assemblies, identification of DNA polymorphisms, Metagenome Analysis, QTL and Association studies. Also implementing modern day Artificial intelligence and Machine learning in this research area.
Also see the below mentioned social media link for more information. https://www.facebook.com/NGSPakistan/

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Message from the HOD

It is my pleasure to welcome you to explore the Department of Health Informatics academic programs that very often team up to sculpture a health science graduate with a multidisciplinary background. The pioneer first and largest full-fledged health informatics sciences in the country. Health professionals contribute to the delivery of health-related services for evaluation, identification & prevention of disorders, Electronic Health Record System (E.H.R) and Healthcare Information management systems (HIMS).Health Informatics is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional field focusing on collection, management, use of health related data, information and Knowledge.

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