Program Overview

COMSATS University designed MSHI for those who want to become health informatics researcher and professional as well as those who are interested in integrating health informatics expertise in their current professional roles. The main objectives of the program are;

  • To produce graduates who can utilize the potential of information and communication technology for effective and efficient health services, particularly for rural, remote and housebound consumers.
  • To foster awareness of the social ethical and legal issues associated with the introduction and use of information technology and communication technology.
  • To provide health professionals and others with the theoretical and practical knowledge, this will enable them to take leading roles within the emerging field of Health Informatics.

Program Objectives

  • Degree Level: Masters/MS (Master of Science)
  • Area/Department: Health Informatics
  • Short Name: MS(HI)
  • Credit Hours: 30
  • Duration: 4 Semesters/02 Years

Entry Requirements

  1. MBBS, BDS with minimum of 50% marks from an accredited education institution. Or
  2. A 16-years degree (Biotechnology/ Biochemistry /Molecular Biology / Biosciences / Bioinformatics /Pharm D, B.S Nursing, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Material Sciences, Pharmacy, Applied Biosciences (industrial Biotechnology/ plant Biotechnology/Healthcare Biotechnology, with minimum first division (annual system) or CGPA 2.5/4.0 (semester system).
  3. GAT (General) test with minimum of 50% passing marks.
  4. No third division (annual system) or D grade (semester system) throughout the academic career.

Scheme of Studies

Collaborating Research Groups

Health Informatics Department has collaboration research groups with Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Lab (MID Lab), National Center of Artificial Intelligence, and Next Generation Sequencing data analysis (NGS Lab), ICCBS Karachi, see the below mentioned social media link for more information.

Career Prospects

Upon completion of Master of Science in Health Informatics, graduates emerge with a diverse skill set and a wealth of career opportunities awaiting them. Equipped with expertise in health information management, privacy, and security, as well as proficiency in research and development, our alumni are well-positioned for roles such as health IT specialists, clinical analysts, and health information system designers. Whether pursuing careers in public or private hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, multinational healthcare organizations, research institutes, or educational institutions, our graduates play integral roles in driving innovation and efficiency in healthcare delivery. Additionally, opportunities abound for independent consultancy and engagement with governmental and non-governmental organizations, further solidifying our program's reputation as a springboard for success in the dynamic field of health informatics.

Contact Details:

For any further information and query please feel free to contact.
Mr. Zeeshan Shahid
Research Associate
Phone: +92 51 90495520