Research Publications

Following is the list our research papers.

  • Abbas, N., S. Sarfraz, R. Muhammad, W. Abdul and A. Muhammad. 2014. Resistance of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to profenofos: Relative fitness and cross resistance. Crop Protection, 58, 49-54. Owns
  • Ashfaq, M., A. Rasheed, M. Rizwan, M. Noor, U. Mubashar, H. Mubashar, M. Ali, A. Ali, I. Saleem and M. Sajjad. 2014. Genetic Studies of Various Morphological Traits in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology. 8, 623-628.
  • Austruy, A., S. Muhammad, X. Tiantian, C. Maryse, P. Virginie, N. Nabeel, M Shahid and D. Camille. 2014. Mechanisms of metal-phosphates formation in the rhizosphere soils of pea and tomato: environmental and sanitary consequences. Journal of Soils and Sediments. 14, 666-678.
  • Muhammad, N., M. Alain, M. Christian, P. Loic, V. Alain and P. Sylvain. 2014. Remobilization of seed phosphorus reserves and their role in attaining phosphorus autotrophy in maize (Zea mays L.) seedlings. Seed Science Research. 24, 187-194.
  • Muhammad, N., M. Alain, V. Alain, P. Loic, N. Sylvie and P. Sylvain. 2014. Effect of phosphorus nutrition and grain position within maize cob on grain phosphorus accumulation. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research. 12,486-491.
  • Muhammad, R., A. Gul, M. Aslam and A. Habib-ur-Rehman. 2014. Effect of Insecticidal Application on Aphid Population, Photosynthetic Parameters and Yield Components of Late Sown Varieties of Canola, Brassica napus L. Pakistan Journal of Zoology. 46, 661-668.
  • Muhammad, R., Z. Muhammad, N. Muhammad, Q. Rafi, S. Muhammad, S. Muhammad and I. Shahid. 2014. Response of Maize Phenology and harvest index to Tillage and Poultry Manure. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 51, 635-640.
  • Muhammad, R.I., d. Goede, G.M. Ron and N. Gabriel. 2014. Corral; Brussaard, Lijbert; Lantinga, Egbert A. Soil pH and earthworms affect herbage nitrogen recovery from solid cattle manure in production grassland. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 68, 1-8.
  • Shahid, M., A. Austruy, G. Echevarria, M. Arshad, M. Sanaullah, M. Aslam, M. Nadeem, M. Nasim and W. Dumat. 2014. EDTA-Enhanced Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals: A Review. Soil and Sediment Contamination. 23/4, 389-416, 2014.
  • Shahid, M., D. Camille, P. Bertrand, S. Muhammad and P. Eric. 2014. Assessing the effect of metal speciation on lead toxicity to Vicia faba pigment content. Journal of Geochemical Exploration. 144, 290-297.
  • Shahid, M., D. Dumat, P. Bertrand, S. Jérôme, L. Christophe and P. Eric. 2014. Influence of EDTA and citric acid on lead-induced oxidative stress to Vicia faba roots. Journal of Soil and Sediments, 14, 835–843.
  • Shahid, M., P. Eric, P. Bertrand and D. Camille. 2014. Effect of organic ligands on lead-induced oxidative damage and enhanced antioxidant defense in the leaves of Vicia faba plants. Journal of Geochemical Exploration. 144, 282-289.
  • Shahid, M., S. Muhammad, A. Muhammad and G. Abdul. 2014. Effect of organic amendments on phytoavailability of nickel and growth of berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum) under nickel contaminated soil conditions. Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability. 26, 37-42.
  • Shahid, M., X. Tiantian, M. Nasir, L. Tibo, Q. Katelle, A. Annabelle, F. Yann and D. Camille. 2014. Influence of plant species and phosphorus amendments on metal speciation and bioavailability in a smelter impacted soil: a case study of food-chain contamination. Journal of Soils and Sediments. 14, 655–665.
  • Muhammad. R., d. Goede, G. Ron, M. Brussaard, L. Bloem, J. Lantinga and A. Egbert. 2014. Production-ecological modelling explains the difference between potential soil N mineralisation and actual herbage N uptake. Appled Soil Ecology. 84, 83-92.
  • Raza, M.A.S., M.F. Saleem, G.M. Shah, I.H. Khan and A. Raza. 2014. Exogenous application of glycinebetaine and potassium for improving water relations and grain yield of wheat under drought. Journal of soil science and plant nutrition. 14.
  • Saddiq, B., S. Sarfraz, K. Azhar, A. Muhammad, E. Masood, A. Muhammad and B. Shahzad. 2014. Resistance in the mealybug Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) in Pakistan to selected organophosphate and pyrethroid insecticides. Crop Protection. 66, 29-33.
  • Shahid, N., F. Bibi, M. Usman, R. Nasir, G. M. Shah, H. M. Arshad, and A. Qadir. 2014. Role of Iron Chelation Therapy for Beta-Thalassemia Major :,â€Â vol. 4, no. i, pp. 17–25.
  • Shahid,I., H.Z. Khan, M.S.I. Zamir, M.W.R. Marral and H.M. Rashad Javeed. 2014. Evaluation of effects of nitrogen fertilization strategies on the productivity of maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids. Zemdirbyste-Agriculture.101, 249-256.
  • Tiantian, X., L. Thibault, S. Muhammad, F. Yann, M. Stephane and D. Camille. 2014. Lead and Cadmium Phytoavailability and Human Bioaccessibility for Vegetables Exposed to Soil or Atmospheric Pollution by Process Ultrafine Particles. Journal of Environmental Quality. 43, 1593-1600.
  • Wahid, M. A., M.A. Cheema, M.F. Saleem, N. Muhammad, A. Sattar and M. Sattar. 2014. Canola growth and phosphorus amendments-I. Yield and quality response of canola to different phosphorus amendments. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 51, 847-854.
  • Wajid, A., A. Ashfaq, H. Manzoor, R. Muhammad, K. Tasneem, M. Muhammad, R. Fahd, Bashir. Usman, A. Muhammad, I. Javed, S. Syeda and H. Gerrit. 2014. Modeling Growth Development and Seed-Cotton Yield for Varying Nitrogen Increments and Planting Dates using Dssat, Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 51, 641-650.

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