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Department of enviremental sciences at CUI was established in 2009 and has now become a hub for interdisciplinary undergraguate studies, innovative research development, graduate studies and advocacy on enviremental issues. The department has highly qualified faculty with major focus areas of research and development include enviremental technologies, climate change and ecosystem, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and natural resources, sanitation and public health.

The department of enviremental sciences at CUI is playing and important role to inspire a lifelong commitment to the earth for enviremental responsibilities through research and education that is essential to understand and improve the envirement at local, regional and global level.

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Environmental Sciences Department
Mailsi Road, Off Multan Road,
Ada Peer Murad
Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan


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Email: esdoo@ciitvehari.edu.pk

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Email: esdoo@ciitvehari.edu.pk

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