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Seminar - Content Prefetching and Retrieval in Vehicular Named Data Networks

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering arranged a Seminar on “Content Prefetching and Retrieval in Vehicular Named Data Networks" on December 8, 2022. The guest speaker was an alumni of CUI Wah Campus, working as Regional Manager at HKH South Korea, Dr. Muhammad Toha Raza Khan, PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Kyungpook National University (KNU) School of Computer Science and Engineering specialization in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks, Information Centric Networks and Machine Learning in Networking.

The speaker provide basics of content fetching in conventional Vehicular Named-Data Network (V-NDN) , which faces and enhanced the high latency problem that increases with the increase of inter-vehicular distance between the content requester and content producer vehicles in the Content-centric Internet of Vehicles (CIoV).

He further discussed the availability of Content Store (CS) which is also underutilized by storing only the requested content resulting in lesser content distribution in the network. To address this problem, an enhanced VNDN architecture named Content Prefetchable VNDN (CP-VNDN) was considered for content catching. At the end of the seminar Assistant Professor, Mr. Fasih ur Rehman presented CUI Wah Campus souvenir to the guest speaker with vote of thanks 

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