About Us

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, at COMSATS University Islamabad, Wah Campus is synonymous with quality education. Its graduates have fared well in a myriad of fields - engineering and otherwise – both nationally and internationally. Most of its graduates have advanced their education in some of the most reputed graduate schools in Pakistan and around the globe.

Established in 2002, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering oversees its twelfth graduating batch in fall 2011. In a time span of eight years, the Department has garnered the recognition of being a leader in engineering education in the region. The number of students registered in engineering department is more than 700 students.

The Computer Engineering program is accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council whereas the accreditation process for Telecommunication is underway. The forte of the Department is its exceptional faculty because of their dedication towards quality education and innovative research methodology. All faculty members are intellectually competent with degrees from some of the finest universities local and foreign. The Department boasts state of the art laboratories for analog and digital Electronics, Microprocessor, Communication Systems, Signal Processing, Control Systems and Electrical Machines. The laboratories are adequate to bolster theoretical principals with hands on practice that is conducive for intellectual growth. In addition to these core laboratories, a simulation and project laboratory is also maintained for the facilitation of its graduating students promoting an environment of proactive research. The teaching methodology adopted at COMSATS University Islamabad is meticulous, ensuring that its graduates can contribute to the Engineering sector with distinctive and innovating ideas.