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We are surrounded with digital data almost everywhere and images are one of the distinctive and prominent categories among this data. Images are much easier and useful way of presenting information rather than texture data. Keeping in view the fact that data is increasing day by day and it would not be possible in the coming years to process such huge data in the form of text and figures, much attention has been given in the last years to develop algorithms for the processing of images to achieve outcomes like accuracy, performance, efficiency, competence and effectiveness as well as to reduce the huge amount of work required to be done in case of text data. Image processing generally refers to digital image processing. It itself makes use of various other fields including mathematics, physics, computer science, optics and others. Considering the application areas of image processing, there is a long list of practical applications where algorithms and techniques of image processing have proved themselves as better decision makers than the traditional methods of data processing. Some of the areas where image processing is playing vital role include medical, signature verification, biometrics, fingerprint identification, automatic target object recognition, traffic monitoring, face detection and recognition.

IPIS at CUI Wah campus is working since 2012. The objectives of this group includes the research and development of image processing algorithms for real life applications. The group is also responsible to teach courses related to image processing at MS and PhD level. The group is actively participating in the state of art research in the fields of pattern recognition, computer vision, graphics and image processing.

Group Name: Image Processing and Intelligent System Design Research Group
Team Lead: Dr. Muhammd Sharif
Group Secretary: Dr. Musarrat Abdullah

Research Area:
  • Image Processing
  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Multi Agent System
  • Expert Systems
Group Members

Dr. Muhammad Sharif
Dr. Mussarat Abdullah
Mr. Faisal Azam
Ms. Saleha Masood
Mr. Majid Mumtaz
Mr. Muhammad Fayyaz
Mrs. Samia Riaz

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