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The Team Attended The International Colloquium At Edge Hill University, United Kingdom (UK)

The team led by the Associate Professor, Dr. Muhammad Khalil Afzal, consisted of Associate Professor, Dr. Mussarat Yasmin and Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Maaz Rehan, visited Edge Hill University , UK from November 19 – 27, 2023 to attend the International Colloquium hosted by Edge Hill University, UK under “Pak-UK Education Gateway Mobility Partnership Program for Faculty” funded by the British Council and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The team affirmed innovative research in light of international mobility and transnational education.

Dr Muhammad Khalil Afzal, Project Lead, in the first session of International Colloquium – Higher Education Leadership Summit presented a detailed project briefing on the PAK-UK Education Gateway Mobility Program for Faculty, shedding light on the project’s intended outcomes and potential impact.

Dr. Muhammad Maaz Rehan delivered an insightful talk in the Session “Interdisciplinary Research and Knowledge Transfer Partnership and Apprenticeships”, on “Blockchain-based Zero Trust Access Control for Smart City IoT Devices”. The attendees engaged with a profound understanding of the transformative power that blockchain brings to safeguarding the intricate web of Smart City IoT Devices.

Dr. Mark Liptrott hosted the panel discussion with panellists on the “Impact of AI in education”. The panellists were Ms. Shirley, Dr. Andrea, Dr. Muhammad Khalil Afzal, and Dr Musarrat Yasmin. The discussion centred on the question of whether AI tools are beneficial for learning and teacher’s instructional practices. The panellist brought together diverse perspectives on the table, sharing their views on the impact of AI in education. Some underscored the advantages, emphasizing how AI tools can personalize learning experiences, cater to individual student needs, and streamline administrative tasks for educators. Conversely, others expressed concerns, addressing the potential challenges related to ethical considerations and the need for a balanced integration of technology in the classroom. The lively exchange of opinions enriched the discourse, providing a comprehensive overview of the landscape surrounding the use of AI tools in higher education.

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