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HITEC Olympiad'17

Students of Computer Science Department participated in Olympiad'17 held on April 27~28, 2017 at HITEC University Taxila. Students secured positions in following events on First Day at HITEC Olympiad'17.


i)                   Best University Award (Champions)

(a)               HITEC Best University Award to CIIT-WAH


ii)                 Naat Competition (1st Position)

(a)               Sohail Ahmed (FA15-BSE-161)


iii)               Battle of Bands Competition (1st Position)

(a)               Faizan Haider (SP15-BCS-095)


iv)               Speed Programming Competition (2nd Position)

(a)               Anees Khan (SP15-BSE-048)

(b)               Safeer Sarwar (SP15-BSE-030)


v)                  Arm Wrestling Competition (1st Position)

(a)               Ammar Khan Marwat (FA15-BSE-007)


vi)               Ludo (1st Position)

(a)               M. Arsalan Mumtaz (SP15-BSE-089)

(b)               Ahmed Tariq (FA14-BSE-020)


vii)             Ludo (2nd Position)

(a)               Hafiz Abrar Ahmed (SP15-BSE-017)

(b)               Faisal Munir (FA14-BSE-134)


viii)           Badminton Single (1st Position)

(a)               Ahmed Tariq (FA14-BSE-020)


ix)               Badminton Double (1st Position)

(a)               Ahmed Tariq (FA14-BSE-020)

(b)               Abdul Moeed


x)                  Scavenger Hunt (2nd Position)

(a)               M. Arsalan Mumtaz (SP15-BSE-089)

(b)               Hassan Habib (SP15-BSE-016)

(c)               Abdul Haseeb (SP15-BSE-058)

(d)               Ahsan Riaz (SP15-BSE-057)

(e)               Hassan Zahid (SP15-BSE-073)


xi)               Selfie Competition (2nd Position)

(a)               Abdul Moiz (SP17-BSE-006)


xii)             Best Ambassador

(a)               M. Arsalan Mumtaz (SP15-BSE-089)

(b)               Arkam Jahan (FA13-BSE-132)


xiii)           Drama Competition (2nd Position)

(a)               Hur Hussain (FA15-BSE-218)


xiv)           Table Tennis (1st Position)

(a)               Saad Javed Malik (FA15-BSE-087)


xv)              E-Gaming (2nd Position)

(a)               Sheraz Khan (FA13-BSE-141)

(b)               Faheem Haider (FA13-BSE-003)

(c)               Nadeem Javed (FA13-BSE-131)

(d)               Mir Saif ur Rehman (FA14-CVE-082)

(e)               Haroon Gondal (FA13-BEE-050)

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