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Welcome to Library Information Services, CIIT Sahiwal

The library is serving its community with up to date information through different sources including digital library, online research journals, periodicals, etc. All users from faculty, staff or students, are encouraged to make full use of the available resources. The library has acquired vast variety of hardbound volumes and reference material on the subjects such as Business, Marketing, HRM, HRD, Management, Finance, Economics, Research, Computer Science, Mathematics, Bio-Sciences, Mechanical Engineering,Electrical Engineering, Social Sciences, English, Urdu, Islamic Literature, Pakistan Studies, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Atlases, Year Books, Handbooks, etc. The library has open shelves collection with vide range of books, Audio-Visual Material, CDs, Data Bases, Newspapers, National and International Journals / Magazines, Thesis, Projects, etc. The facility of more than 30,000 online research journals / Magazines and more than 10,500 books on different subjects through HEC Digital Library Program, is also accessible here at Sahiwal.

Library Resources

In addition to supporting course requirements and research needs, the general collection supplement the wide variety of patrons’ interests. This collection holds approximately 10,500 circulating titles.

Library Services

Library materials are borrowed and returned at the circulation desk that is located near the main entrance.

Library Policies

1-The use of the Libraries shall be open to the members of the following categories:
(a) Faculty and Staff
(b) Research Fellows and Scholars
(c) Students on the roll of the Institute

library Fines

The violation of library rules may result in following fines:
(A) A fine of Rs.10 per book, per day shall be charged for late returns.
(B) In case of loss of book(s) the lost books shall have to be replaced. For out of print titles, the amount equal to five times the original purchase price of the book(s) shall be charged.

Computer Lab

Zero Shell Net Services

Zeroshell is a Linux distribution for servers and embedded devices aimed at providing the main network services a LAN requires. It is available in the form of Live CD or Compact Flash image and you can configure and administer it using your web browser. Zeroshell is a Live CD distribution, meaning that it is not necessary to install it on the hard disk since it can operate directly from the CDROM on which it is distributed. Obviously, the database, containing all the data and settings, can be stored on ATA, SATA, SCSI and USB disks. Any security Bug Fixes can be downloaded from the automatic update system via Internet and installed in the database. These patches will be automatically removed from the database by subsequent releases of the Zeroshell Live CD already containing the updates.

General Information

There are 3 types of computer facilities provided at the CIIT Sahiwal

Open Access Labs
There are 5 labs all situated on the all Floor's. Lab 1 is always open for students. Labs 2 - 5 all have digital projectors, can be booked out for teaching and can have specialist software installed at the request of lecturers. To check the availability of a lab consult the Timetables . If you require any assistance the IT User Support visit the server room at ground floor

Computers In The Library
These are provided for general educational and research use by students. They do not have the specialist software installed which can be found in the Labs.

Departmental Labs
These are managed by the Faculty IT departments and usually configured with specialist software. These labs are often booked for teaching or reserved for the use of students taking a particular course.

Document Storage
IT department recommends saving documents in your D Drive when using the labs. You can then access them later from any lab on campus or remotely over the Internet. You can also save your files to a personal USB Drive, however this is less secure than your D Drive because it is not backed up, can easily be lost or suffer hardware failure. Please do not save documents on your computer's Local (C:) Drive. If you do this your files will only be accessible when you are logged in to that physical machine and will be permanently deleted when routine configuration changes are made to that machine.

Mechanical Labs

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has following labs.

  1. Mechanics of Materials Lab.
  2. Thermodynamics Lab.
  3. Engineering Mechanics Lab.
  4. Fluid Mechanics/Hydraulic Lab.
  5. Mechanical Vibration Lab.
  6. Mechanics of Machines Lab.
  7. Heat and Mass transfer Lab.
  8. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab.
  9. I.C Engine.
  10. Experiment stress analysis
  11. CAD/CAM Lab.
  12. Workshop Lab.
  13. Drawing Hall.
  14. Computer Lab.
  15. Physics Lab.


Welcome to Career Guidance & Development Cell (CGD) - Innovation World another new initiative. Career Cell aims to provide our students with every bit of critical information about the extreme excess of career options which includes countless choices ahead of us and help us make a wise and informed career decision. As they commonly say— Knowledge is the ultimate power. We are providing you the platform where you find opportunities for your better career prospect. You can apply for those opportunities where you best fit as it will be your Passion. Live With Passion.

  1. You can find here different Jobs for Fresh and Experienced Candidates in Pakistan and International level in Development and Multinational Groups etc.
  2. Internships.
  3. Grooming of Students before coming in Market.
  4. Education Trainings.
  5. Give Advice and Share Ideas and Views.
  6. CV Do's and Don'ts.
  7. Successful Interview Techniques.
  8. Career Guidance.

It is the place where Job Seekers and Employers come together to select the right individuals for right position with right academic background and skills. Following questions seem to be quite familiar and simple, don’t they? But the answers to these are the least trivial and ironically of the utmost significance for our future, and that is where Career Cell comes into picture. Have you ever thought …..
“Which career do I take up?”
“Should I continue in Core or explore out finance? “
“How is it gonna be if I take up my passion for photography as a profession?”
“What’s going to make me happy at the end of the day?”
“Will I be happy with little money and a better work satisfaction…or is money more important?!”
We will organize job fair and other career related events for Comsians (Sahiwal). Students will be directly hired for jobs by different companies through this event in near future. (In-Sha-Allah). Kindly send your CIIT identity to admin or meet Sir AffanYasin in E-Lab.


The University has one large cafeteria which provide snacks and regular meals at discounted rates. The Cafeteria Committee ensures good hygienic standards. The cafeteria has been renovated recently. Attractive environment and added varieties of food-stuff help the students relax here, in the break between their classes.
For Query Please Contact
Dr. Sadiq Hashmi
Assistant Professor/Head Cafeteria Committe

Hostel Detail

CIIT Sahiwal offers residential facility to the out-stationed students (males/females). The rooms are furnished with private bathrooms and are equipped with internet facility. Currently more than 500 students from all over Pakistan are residing in 6 different hostels. Faculty and staff members are entrusted with the charge of individual hostels (Faculty Hostel). Dr. M. Asrar-ul-Haq is the Warden of all hostels at present. He, along with Assistant Wardens, supervises the smooth functioning of CIIT hostels. A full time student admitted to any department in CIIT Sahiwal is eligible to apply for accommodation in the campus hostels, provided s/he has no accommodation available in Sahiwal. Furthermore, that she is neither employed anywhere, in any capacity, in Sahiwal nor receiving any house rent subsidy.
Hostel Allotment Sp 2015
Hostel accommodation is not a matter of right. It is a facility provided by the University, subject to the availability of seats.

For Any Query Please Contact With
Dr.Muhammad Asrar ul Haq
Assistant Professor/Warden Hostels

Transport Facility

COMSATS Sahiwal is committed to provide best services to its students, faculty and staff members. Transport department portrays the quality policy of COMSATS by providing comfortable and economical transport facility. The department is headed by In-charge Transport under the management of Campus Director.
The campus is served by a comprehensive network of buses that includes seven Hino Buses, one Hino Coaster, one Toyota Coaster and one Toyota Hi-Roof. Recently two Hino Buses and one Toyota Coaster are added to the fleet of transport department. The pick and drop service is provided within Sahiwal city and surrounding areas that includes Okara, Pakpattan, Chichawatni, Harappa and Arifwala cities to easily travel to the campus.
During the day, shuttle service is provided within Sahiwal city. Moreover, the transport department provides vehicles for official visits and study tours. To cater the unforeseen incident or emergency situation CIIT Sahiwal has provided ambulance to the transport department. During and after the campus hours ambulance is available to deal with any emergency situation. Trained transport staff that includes drives, bus helpers, mechanics and electrician contributes in providing better services. Department of transport works under the ISO standards, keep its staff updated with emergency and safety trainings.
Downloads Bus Routes plan
Online Transport Managment System


The services provided by the transport office are:
Our department provides guidance and assistance to the campus community and visitors on transport-related issues and promotes compliance with the Institute’s transport regulations.

  1. Provision of information related to transport schedules, timings for various routes.
  2. Registration of students to avail the transport facility.
  3. Issuance of bus cards to the students.
  4. Maintenance of students transport related record.

In addition to managing a motor vehicle fleet, a mechanical workshop is established at transport office. The basic purpose is to cater mechanical related issues of the vehicles along with frequent maintenance within the campus vicinity. The transport office always strives to provide sustainable transport services to the campus. The vehicles frequent check helps in reducing the environmental impact and improves the efficiency, performance and health. Transport office motivates and focuses on educating the campus community to use alternative transportation methods.
For Any Query Please Contact With
Dr. M. Asad Meraj
Incharge Transport
Mr.Waseem Bahadur
Transport Officer
We are located next to the mosque in the main campus. You can contact us by visiting personally at transport office or email:

Get in touch with us
Computer Science Department
COMSATS Road, Off G.T. Road

+92-040- 4305001-4305002
UAN: +92 -51-111-001-007

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