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WRS-III: A Web-based Screening Support System for Diabetic Retinopathy

The primary aim of this research project is to develop a novel web-based system to detect Microaneurysms (MAs) for screening-support system (WRS-III) from color fundus images. In the domain of medical health systems, the WRS-III system is used to provide second opinion to ophthalmologists for diagnosing a diabetic retinopathy (DR). In fact, Ophthalmologists widely use non-mydriatic camera to quantify MAs for DR. However, it is very difficult to detect accurate MAs. An effective web-based WRS-III system is developed to automate this process for accurate diagnosis of DR based on new proposed methods using image processing and pattern recognition techniques. To achieve this goal, we are closely collaborating with Allied Hospital (Faisalabad) and University of Seville (Spain). The researchers from these sources will assist us in providing best knowledge of the DR health domain from the real life medical scenarios to application perspective. In particular, the researchers from University of Seville will provide technical guidance for both designing and development of the WRS-III system. After its development and testing in the end-user environment, this WRS-III software system will be made publicly available online. Due to its cutting-edge nature, this software solution has the potential of establishing an international repute for Pakistan in the highly profitable and potent healthcare industry. Since healthcare is a sensitive and risky area as it involves life of human beings, this project will be conducted in a manner to ensure that the resulting software is secure, reliable and maintainable. Therefore, we would like to focus on the software quality with the help of Allied Hospital and Seville institute. In addition to research perspective, the WRS-III project will meet quality criteria. In order to achieve software quality, the WRS-III project will be tested by the ground truth (GT) obtained from an expert ophthalmologist. Moreover, the WRS-III system is easily integrated with computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system for DR to assist medical experts. This project will provide firsthand experience and benefits to national and international healthcare organizations.

Knowledge Systems Research Labs

Knowledge Systems Research Labs (KSRL) is established to study Knowledge systems to provide operational efficiency and long-term value of the information. The areas of research include Knowledge Discovery, Business Modeling, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Representation and Visualization. In development, we are keen to build Knowledge Systems in various industry domains to assist them in making more accurate, informed business decisions.

Group Members:

Dr. Syed Khuram Shahzad   Assistant Professor
Dr. Amjad Farooq     IT Consultant
Dr. Javed Ferzund    Assistant Professor
Mr. Majid Hussain    Assistant Professor
Mr. Robail Yasrab    Lecturer
Mr. Saqib Rizwan    Lecturer

Center of Imaging and Computational Intelligence (CICI)

The Center of Imaging and Computational Intelligence (CICI) research center belongs to the Department of Computer Science, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) Sahiwal campus. The CICI research center focuses on applications of image processing and computational intelligence technologies in the fields of Biomedical Imaging, Bioinformatics and Agriculture. In this newly established CICI center, our current work based on computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system for Skin cancer, Diabetic Retinopathy, Lung Cancer, brain MRI and 3D visualization. At present, the CICI team consists of two associate professors, three assistant professors and one Ph.D. fulltime student. The CICI research group has strong linkage with medical experts and computer scientists. Some of them are very famous researchers in the world. We have also regularly collaborative with international countries such as USA, Spain and Japan in the above mentioned domains. The members in CICI center are committed in research, and development of projects, which are belonging to both national and international levels.

Group Members:

Dr. Shaukat Iqbal    Associate Professor
Dr. Amjad Farooq     IT Consultant
Dr. Qaisar Abbas    Assistant Professor
Dr. Javed Ferzund    Assistant Professor
Dr. Syed Khuram Shahzad    Assistant Professor
Mr. Muhammad Sultan Zia    Assistant Professor


Dr. Irene Fondon Garcia   Department of Signal Theory and Communications, School of Engineering Path of Discovery, Seville, Spain 
Dr. Emre Celebi     Department of Computer Science, Louisiana State University, Shreveport, LA, USA
Dr.M. Tahir Abbas Khan     Asia Pacific University, Japan

Intelligent Systems Research Group(ISRG)

ISRG aims to develop intelligent systems which refer to variety of AI approaches including evolutionary algorithms, model based predictions & control, case based diagnosis systems and conventional control theories. Another research area of our group is IT alignment with collaborative networked organization and our targeted domain is telecommunication industry. We are progressing to apply AI in specific industry challenges such as development of intelligent cancer prognosis system, Q-Learning enhancement for Heterogeneous systems and creation of knowledge based systems for different industrial modes.


A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a wireless network consisting of spatially distributed autonomous devices that use sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions. Wireless micro sensor networks have been identified as one of the most important technologies for the 21st century. WatchNet aims to win technical challenges in sensor network development including network discovery, control and routing, collaborative signal and information processing, tasking and querying, and security.


Networks & Communications Research Group (NCRG)

Rationale of NCRG is to promote research in the field of networks, ultra-high speed data and telecommunications including wired/wireless communications. The mission of NCRG is to perform contemporary research in communications and networks domain with an emphasis on representing information for accurate and efficient communication. We aim to develop understanding between information representation, communication and networking across a variety of transmission media. We are interested in pursuing high impact cross-disciplinary research to cultivate innovation across multiple disciplines remaining within network and communication domains.

Group Members:

Mr. Majid Hussain    Assistant Professor
Mr. Syed Ameer Ahmed Gillani    Assistant Professor
Mr. Muhammad Tayyab Choudhry    Lecturer
Mr. Tariq Shahzad    Lecturer


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