Program Overview

PhD (Computer Science) at CUI enables students to stay on top of the growing trends in information and technology. It is a full time program which is designed to produce researchers and scholars who will advance the field by contributing to knowledge creation in their specialized disciplines and disseminate this knowledge through scholarly publications and service to the community and the nation.

PhD (Computer Science) at CUI builds on prior knowledge, education, and experience in the field. The degree typically takes 4-5 years to complete, and involves independent study and research in a focused area of interest. Doctorate programs include coursework and research which culminates in a dissertation, a lengthy research project that addresses a theoretical problem in computer science.

Program Objectives

  • Impart in depth knowledge and application of methodology to investigate original research problems through a systematic and focused approach
  • Enable students to produce publishable research for journals and conferences of international repute
  • Enable students to conduct independent research

Program Outcomes

  • Students will be able to exhibit specialized knowledge and ability to use appropriate research methodology in the relevant field of study
  • Students will be able to conduct systematic and focused research
  • Students will be able to publish research papers in journals and conferences of international repute
  • Students will be able to conduct and supervise independent research and can produce knowledge

Entry Requirements

  1. The candidates for PhD (CS) have to pass GRE (Subject) as per HEC policy or NTS GAT (Subject) with 60% or higher marks.
  2. The candidate should have a minimum of 18 years MS degree with min. CGPA 3.0 in Computer Science/ or relevant fields with no third division or D grade throughout academic career.
  • The candidate’s MS degree must be with Thesis.

Scheme of Studies

Contact Details

Mr. Hassan Khalid, (Senior Program Officer),
Phone: 051-90495354