MS (Computer Science) at Department of Computer Science CUI Islamabad

Introduction and Description

The MS Computer Science Program at the Department of Computer Science is rigorous and designed to impart specialized professional and research-oriented training. It is designed to encourage learning, research and the practical applications of advanced level computer science principles and techniques. Our Graduate Program is focused for those graduates who have good scholastic background in the field of computer science or related disciplines and want to enhance their knowledge further. The program encourages lifelong learning, strong analytical and problem solving skills in professional and research areas. The Department of Computer Science equips students with skills to explore and conduct research in the diverse and rapidly changing field of Computer Science. Students get first-hand experience of quality work being done in areas of Computer Vision, Data Mining, Networks, Information Security, Privacy and Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence. The program is tailored to encompass state-of-the-art concepts in the realm of computer science. We promote our graduates to contribute towards research in the field of Computer Science.

Program Structure

The student has to complete four core courses, one pre requisite course of Research Methodology, and four elective courses. Student is also required to complete MS thesis of six credit hours. 

Research Areas

CS department has well qualified and energetic faculty. Currently following research groups are active: These research areas serve as area of specialization for MS student as well. 

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Networks
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Systems
  • Data Mining
  • Data Warehousing
  • Cyber Security
  • Multimedia and Game Design
  • Information Security


At CUI graduate students are part of the department and considered junior colleagues by the faculty. We have fully equipped state-of-the-art lecture rooms, and dedicated computer labs for graduate students. Each graduate student in the beginning of his/her program chooses one senior faculty member as his/her supervisor; who apart from supervising the students research work also plays the role of education and career counselor of the student. Such close interaction is extremely beneficial for the proper grooming of the student and is a corner stone of success of the MS(CS) program.

Job Opportunities after MS(CS)

On successful completion of the course, graduates will have skills that are attractive to employers and have a solid foundation for contributing to future software design and developments and pursuing research in the field of computer science.

A strong liaison of CUI with the industry provides an excellent opportunity to the students to understand the requirement and demand of the local industry from a computer scientist’s view point which helps them to acquire a better position in the market. Our graduates have an excellent record in finding employment in areas such as Information Technology (IT), computing in industry and commerce, research in computer science or related disciplines, or teaching at various levels.


  1. The candidates for MS(CS) have to qualify GAT test conducted by NTS.
  2. The candidate should have a minimum of 16 years’ degree with min. 2.5 CGPA in Computer Science or relevant fields with no third division or D grade throughout academic career. However, in case deficiency in core computational knowledge and skills, the student may be advised by the department to take some noncredit courses.

Contact Details:

Mr. Hassan Khalid, (Senior Program Officer),


Phone: 051-90495354