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  • Thursday, May 23, 2024

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This scheme provides funding for mid-career researchers who have the potential to be international research leaders. They will develop their research capabilities, drive innovative programmes of work and deliver significant shifts in understanding related to human life, health and wellbeing.

Administering organization located in UK, Republic of Ireland Low- or middle-income countries (apart from India and mainland China) are eligible to apply.

Funding duration:
Usually 8 years, but may be less for some disciplines and may only be longer if held on a part-time basis.

Funding amount:
You should ask for your salary (if required) and the resources you need for your research programme – see the 'What we offer' section on this page. You will need to justify this in your application.

Strategic programme:
Discovery Research Climate and Health Infectious Disease Mental Health

Three times a year - Upcoming deadline July 2024

Coapplicants: Not accepted