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  • Friday, December 2, 2022

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Clarendon Scholarship is currently open. In this article, we will explain in detail about this scholarship, its application benefits and step by step application process.

Clarendon Scholarship 2023-2024 is a fully funded scholarship for international students at University of Oxford. This scholarship is offered for masters and PhD studies

Course Level: Masters and PhD

Grants: Clarendon Scholarship provides the recipient with the following benefits:

· All Clarendon Scholarships cover tuition and college fees in full.

· Scholars on a full-time course receive a generous annual grant for living costs – which will be at least £15,009 for 2023-24. Scholars on a part-time course will receive a study support grant, to assist with non-fee costs. Scholars on a part-time course will receive a study support grant, to assist with non-fee costs. In 2023-24, part-time DPhil scholars should expect to receive at least £2,502 and part-time Master’s scholars should expect at least £5,003.

· The scholarships are normally offered for the full period for which you are liable to pay tuition fees to the University, which is usually the same as the length of your course.

Eligibility: All applicants for graduate study at the University of Oxford are eligible.

· All degree-bearing courses at graduate level are eligible.

· Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma courses are not eligible for this scholarship.

· Clarendon supports scholars from across the University, with no preference for any particular subject area.

· Candidates applying to start a new master’s or DPhil course at Oxford are eligible. This includes students who are currently studying for a master’s degree at Oxford but who will be re-applying for a DPhil (you would be eligible for funding for the DPhil).

· Applicants who hold deferred offers to start in 2023-24 are not eligible to be considered for this scholarship.

· Current students who will continue to study for the same degree at Oxford in the next year are not eligible for this scholarship.

Deadline: January, 2023 (annual) (Course Admission deadlines)

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