• Thursday, November 16, 2023

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I am directed to forward herewith the attached letter received from HEC for further dissemination among the faculty members of your Campus. 
As per the attachments, on the occasion of the 583rd anniversary of Alisher Navoi, the Alisher Navoi International Foundation, Uzbekistan is organizing an International Symposium on "Navoi and Eastern Renaissance" on February 9, 2024. The organizing committee invites the submission of research articles in various areas related to the symposium's theme, as outlined in the attached letter. 
Please note that the deadline for the submission of papers is 30th December 2023. The interested candidates may reach out to the organizers at the email address info@navoifound.uz and phone no. +99888198-14-41
Further to this, it is submitted CUI will not assume any financial responsibility on its part.

Please find attached file for more information
Attachments / Files
International symposium on the topic Navoi and eastern renaissance'' dedicated to the Alisher Navoi on February 9, 2023