• Monday, March 20, 2023

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Press Release

2nd Meeting

of the D-8 Network of Pioneers for Research and Innovation (D-8 NPRI)

8-9th March 2023

held in hybrid mode at COMSATS University Islamabad

The 2nd meeting of the D-8 Network of Pioneers for Research and Innovation (D-8 NPRI) was held from 8-9th of March 2023. The core meeting of the members and allied participants was held on the 8th of March 2023 at COMSATS University Islamabad in a hybrid mode. Therein, the Heads of Delegations of the D8 and D8 Member states, Rectors/Chancellors/Vice Chancellors and Heads of delegations of the D-8 NPRI Universities, Research Institutions, D8 Affiliates and Private Sector Representatives from the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Republic of Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of Turkey worked together and agreed the way forward. There was a collective realization about the importance of information exchange and the need to empower research and innovation to be able to result in sustainable development and to achieve the objectives of the D-8 Organization. The participants were appreciative of the need to establish collaborations for joint Research and Innovation with resultant economic productivity and development in D-8 Member States. The participants underlined the need to strengthen dialogue and facilitate sharing of experiences amongst the D-8 Member States and between the Member States, D8 affiliates and global institutions with clear pathways that are needed to support sustainable industrialization. A developing draft of the D-8 NPRI charter was tabled in the meeting and there was a consensus on developing it further in a stipulated time period in order to ensure sustainability of the D-8 NPRI. It was understood that the developed charter will establish grounds for taking initial steps for soliciting financial commitments from the member states in this regard. There was also a general agreement that all members of the D8 NPRI and other universities/research organizations should carry out interest mapping exercises and undertake networking activities in order to develop researcher-researcher and institution-institution bi- and multi-lateral linkages within the D8 member states. It was agreed that focal person nominations will be requested from all members. As a key first step an interactive website shall be developed in a phased manner linking all the members of the D8 NPRI. It was also agreed that where there is always a need for increasing national statutory allocations to R&D, it is pertinent to understand the prevalent global economic situation. It was jointly recommended that allocations towards and investments into innovation commercialization frameworks and capacity building including professional trainings can result in subsequent economic activity. Within the D8 member states, a variety of innovation commercialization ecosystems exist, ranging from very strong (with examples of successes) to those who need help and mentoring. Therefore, providing access of IPs, startups, spin offs etc. in the member states to translational platforms in any member state should be a key goal. The Heads of Delegations expressed their words of appreciation to the Rector of COMSATS University, Islamabad, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tabassum Afzal, for leading the deliberations and recorded their gratitude to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for arrangement of the meeting. The Meeting also appreciated the D-8 Secretariat for its valuable support for the event. On the 9th of March 2023, the Secretary General D-8 held an interactive seminar which saw enthusiastic participation from the students of CUI. Following the interactive session, the D8 delegation visited facilities of the Department of Biosciences, Centre for Micro and Nanodevices, Department of Computer Science and the Campus Library. The visit culminated with a final round up meeting with several key initiative discussed to take the cause of the D8 NPRI further.

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