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On account of International mountain day an event was organized on 10th, December, 2021 by the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS) in collaboration with Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change (CSCCC) and the Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization (MGPO). The panelists included Lieutenant General (r) Nadeem Ahmed Former Chairperson, National Disaster Management Authority, Mr. Ahmad Kamal Chairperson, Federal Flood Commission and Dr. Ghulam Rasul from ICIMOOD.

Dr. Rasul was of the opinion that a slight rise in global temperatures could be disastrous for large segments of the population especially the most vulnerable communities living in the mountain regions. He shared that Pakistan was host to more than 7,000 glaciers, which were showing mixed behaviors, wherein the south- and east-facing glaciers were melting at a faster rate than the ones facing north. Mr. Nadeem Ahmed underscored the importance of ensuring a harmonious human relationship with nature and ecology for ensuring sustainable growth and avoiding natural disasters. He emphasized awareness-raising about ecology and environment among mountain communities to maintain the required ecological harmony. Ahmed Kamal, said that the western disturbance weather system had become quite erratic in recent years which had also affected the monsoon pattern and precipitation in the region. He called for establishing a community to the community early warning systems for flood response. Nadeem Riyaz, President, IRS, also spoke on the occasion.

Dr. Umair Bin Nisar and Dr. Farrukh Raza Amin along with three students of Health informatics department participated in the event.

Group photo of Participants of International Mountain Day


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