Program Overview

At our institution, we are dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering learning among undergraduate students through exceptional education. Our approach involves teaching a cross-disciplinary curriculum and providing access to state-of-the-art laboratories. The Department of Chemistry, located at CUI, Islamabad campus, was established in July 2018. Since its inception, the department has prioritized equipping itself with advanced research laboratories, and the campus itself boasts a wide range of cutting-edge scientific equipment. Our department is proud to have a team of highly qualified faculty members, many of whom have international qualifications and are actively engaged in groundbreaking research across various fields of chemistry. Our primary goal is to impart research-based education to the next generation, enabling them to tackle the challenges of the future effectively. We are actively engaging our students in different industries (Cement, fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Chemical, and Energy, etc.) in Pakistan. Our students are doing training and internships in these industries.

Entry requirements

  • Intermediate with Pre- Medical or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks, from an accredited institution.
  • Valid NTS test score as per CUI policy

Curriculum : Scheme of Studies for BS Chemistry

Coursework Min No. of courses Min Credit hours
Core courses 25 86
Project 01 06
Elective courses 02 06
Specialized courses 08 20
Institutional Elective Courses 07 21
Total no. of courses of the program: 43
Total no. of credit hours of the program: 139

Undergraduate Regulations


  • Minimum: 8 semesters; 4 years
  • Maximum: 12 semesters; 6 years

Career Prospects

Upon completion of our BS degree program, our students gain access to a wide range of career opportunities across various sectors. These include, but are not limited to, the healthcare sector, academia, and industries such as cement, agrochemicals, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and more. The healthcare sector offers numerous roles where our graduates can contribute their knowledge and skills. They may pursue careers in research and development, quality control, or analytical laboratories, as well as in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies.

In academia, our students have the opportunity to pursue teaching and research positions at universities, colleges, and research institutions. They can become educators, mentors, and contributors to the advancement of knowledge in the field of chemistry.

Industries such as cement, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, textiles, and beverages provide avenues for our graduates to apply their expertise in areas like quality assurance, process optimization, product development, and environmental sustainability. The pharmaceutical industry offers opportunities in drug discovery, formulation, regulatory affairs, and quality control.

These are just a few examples of the diverse career paths available to our graduates. The comprehensive education and practical experiences gained through our BS degree program equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen fields and make a positive impact.

Scholarships Available

  • Ehsaas Scholarships Program
  • Merit Based Scholarships
  • Need Based Scholarship