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As of May 27th 2009, the COMSIAN association has been formed at CUI, Principal Seat, and Islamabad. The main objectives of the organization, is to provide a platform for the Alumni to communicate with the institution by maintaining a complete database, organizing events, and establishing a financial resource on campus. The alumni, furthermore, will be able to interact with the association. The name given to association is COMSIAN Association. The COMSIAN Association shall operate out of the Registrar’s Setup. Upon approval of the proposal for establishment of the COMSIAN Association, the following objectives have been accomplished through the association, which include rising of funds, supporting of new alumni, and formation of business relationships.

Upon acceptance, the COMSIAN Association would take part in several tasks, which include an establishment of an Alumni Office, invitation to Alumni to join the Association, formation of the directory, formation of the working committees to organize various events, and finally the establishment of the Alumni Newsletter. In addition, to the above, the Alumni Association would provide Awards to encourage its members to initiate various activities for the Association. A newspaper advertisement shall be furnished to draw attention of the Alumni, to become members of the COMSIAN Association.

The Association shall primarily be funded through memberships, and institutional donations through several sources, namely US AID, JICA, CIDA, AUS AID NORAD, and DAAD etc. The Alumni Association shall be staffed primarily through a Manager and an Office Assistant. The Association shall be organized as an income generation body. The body shall also be linked with the Endowment Fund that has recently been set up at COMSATS. Potential Donors shall be able to participate by donating online with in the Endowment. The Association shall serve as an income generating body that shall further alleviate financial crunches that COMSATS may experience over the period of time. Various officers are heading the offices for the Association at various campuses. An outline that details the accomplishment of each campus has been detailed. The information is included for Islamabad, Abbottabad, Wah, Lahore, and Attock.

Azhar Mahmood
Manager-COMSIAN Association

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