Program Overview

The BS in Mathematics with Data Science provides a program of study that is better and suitable for students of high ability, combining and linked basic and advanced mathematics and the theoretical foundations of data science, where we can easily interpret “data science” as a broad level, including topics such as essential mathematics of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Students will study blocks in mathematics, statistics, data analysis and computing, and tackle a variety of interesting and engaging problems from business and industry.

The idea in the degree is characterized by important mathematical concepts, combined with applications relevant for providing the techniques and tools to analyze and develop new algorithms and techniques in data science and machine learning. The degree prepares students for further study or for professional and managerial careers, particularly in areas requiring the application of data analysis, dealing with big data and quantitative skills.

Program Objectives

This degree combines mathematics with important subjects of computer science, teaching you sought-after skills for real-world problem solving, with data science. Focusing on practical and theoretical features of numerical methods and approaches for extracting insights from large collections of data, this opens doors to possible careers in a wide variety of industries such as aerodynamics, mechanical, algorithm development based on data-driven approaches, business, retail and finance. One of our main goals is to apply mathematics together with programming and computer skills across a multiple of applications whose objectives are also diverse in nature.

Why Study Data Science with Strong Mathematical Background

From our basic and fundamental concepts in mathematics and computation, we want to provide in depth mathematics of numerical techniques and to develop reliable and fast algorithms to leading grand challenge problems where unknown physics, and to deal with data without physical laws. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive challenge data set of frameworks for evaluating data-driven methods with mathematical explanations behind those techniques and their performance across a wide range of tasks and data, for example, for disease modeling systems, weather prediction, data for dynamical systems for evaluating data-driven methods after studying in detail the mathematics with strong computer courses.

Entry Requirements

Academic Backgrounds

Applicants must possess one of the following academic qualifications from an accredited institution with a minimum of 50% marks:

  • Intermediate (Pre-Engineering or Pre-Medical)
  • A-Levels (with or without Mathematics)
  • An equivalent qualification certified by the Inter-Boards Coordination Committee (IBCC)


All applicants must achieve a satisfactory score of the National Testing Service (NTS) Entry Test, or any other testing body approved by CUI, as per CUI admission policies.

Pre-Medical Background

Applicants with a pre-Medical academic background are strongly advised to complete deficiency coursework of Mathematics i.e. MTH091 Pre-Calculus I 3(3,0) and MTH092 Pre-Calculus II 3(3,0). This coursework will typically encompass six (6) credit hours of Mathematics and is recommended for completion within the first two semesters of enrollment, preferably.

Career Prospects

Career prospects for mathematicians are outstanding. This degree program emphasizes the important mathematical and statistical underpinning with programming abilities providing the essential practical training needed to function in the workplace. Students graduates from this program will posse’s important skills that are extremely required after by any organizations that use data analytics to make data-driven business decisions, for example, aerospace industry, sports industry, finance, logistical, health care, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors, big data processing companies, government agencies, and data cleaning departments. Our combination of work experience and up-to-date teaching will help the students to be well-equipped to follow the career you want after graduation.