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  • Monday, June 10, 2024

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The Maldives National University and COMSATS University to Strengthen Partnership 

Islamabad, June 6, 2024 – A delegation led by Dr. Aishath Shehenaz Adam, Vice Chancellor, Maldives National University (MNU) and Dr. Raheema Abdul Raheem, Deputy Vice Chancellor, visited the Islamabad Campus of COMSATS University on Thursday and called on the varsity Rector, Prof. Dr. Sajid Qamar.

In a presentation held on the occasion, Head of CUI International Office, Dr. Hammad Omer informed that the collaboration between the two universities has been flourishing since 2016, which was inked in a memorandum of understanding for scientific and educational cooperation, and has furthered with exchange visits in 2016 and 2018. For future collaborations, Dr. Omer suggested that MNU can avail the various scholarship opportunities available for post-graduate students from Maldives as well as learn from CUI’s experience in hybrid mode of education.

Dr. Tahir Naeem, Director P&D and HRD briefed on the training need assessment carried out by CUI in 2018 at MNU, highlighted the various areas of capacity building and institutional development where CUI could provide technical assistance.


Dr. Aishath expressed keen interest in upgrading MNU’s learning management system with CUI’s expertise. She invited CUI’s technical team to visit Maldives and review MNU’s existing system, provide recommendations, and train university staff members. Dr. Bilal Zaka, Head Directorate of IT Services and Dr. Muhammad Asim Noor Head CUOnline were also present in the meeting. Dr. Zaka assured full support in upgrading MNU’s student management systems and other technical aspects.

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  • Tuesday, January 9, 2024

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The Ministry has kindly requested our University's views/ comments on this ESP. Therefore, I would like to request your assistance in circulating the ESP among respected faculty members and researchers of your campus/ department. A thorough review of the document and their views/ comments will significantly contribute to an early finalization of the ESP draft. Since the letter is most immediate, we would be grateful to receive their insightful comments/ reviews within this week for onward submission to the Ministry. 

Please find attached file 

  • Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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Going Global Partnerships has launched its third round of Gender Equality Partnerships grants. The grants support higher and further education institutions and sector bodies in the UK and 11 other countries (Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Ukraine and Viet Nam) to build partnerships and enable systemic change in priority themes relating to gender equality.
Priority Themes
The Gender Equality Partnerships aims to build partnerships and systemic change in the priority themes detailed below:
  • Prevention of violence against women and girls with a particular focus on higher and further education institutions as safe spaces for women
  • Addressing women’s underrepresentation in higher and further education leadership
  • Enabling access and tackling subject segregation, particularly in the area of STEM (including encouraging STEM-related learning).
  • Strengthening pathways into employment for women graduates from further and higher education.
Core Areas
They help to strengthen higher education and TVET in five core areas:
  • Enabling research – supporting research, knowledge and innovation collaborations to address local and global challenges and promote inclusive growth.
  • Internationalising higher education and TVET – supporting systems, institutions and individuals to benefit from internationalisation, including enabling transnational education and system alignment.
  • Strengthening systems and institutions – improving the quality and efficiency of higher education and TVET institutions and systems.
  • Enhancing learner outcomes – addressing the qualities of the global graduate, including soft skills, employability and community outcomes.
  • Increasing equality, diversity and inclusion – making higher education and TVET more accessible, equitable and accountable.
Objectives and Outcomes
  • All Gender Equality Partnerships awards will have the following overarching objectives:
    • Stimulate innovative approaches to addressing gender inequality in higher and further education institutions in the UK and the partner countries
    • Contribute to long term and sustainable institutional change that promotes gender equality, opportunities for women and girls and addresses gender related biases
    • Support initiatives that promote gender equality, particularly in one or more of the four priority themes that the British Council has identified as globally relevant
    • Encourage collaboration between disciplines and between countries which build cultural relations and mutual understanding based on shared values.
  • The Going Global Partnerships programme is looking for joint projects designed to achieve some of the following gender strategic outcomes:
    • Women are empowered to participate in political, social and economic spheres.
    • An improved legal and policy environment supporting gender equality.
    • Improved employability outcomes for women.
    • Higher and further education institutions develop inclusive policies and practice that support gender equality and safer learning environments.
    • Increased participation of women in meaningful academic and research careers.
    • Increased quality, inclusiveness and relevance of learning and female student experience.
    • Female students are upskilled with relevant skills, including for employability or entrepreneurship, community outcomes, or soft skills.
Funding Information
  • An anticipated 11 joint projects will be funded, each with a value of £20,000 to £25,000 for a 12-month project period.
  • Ten of the project grants are open to institutions from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. One further project grant is available for Welsh institutions only.
How to apply
Download the application guidance, application form and budget template from weblink provided below and Submit completed application, additional documents and budget template via email to: 
For more information, please visit: 
Mr. Ashfaq and Ms. Samira, 
Please upload the same at IO Webage, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks. 
N.B: IO Focal Persons are requested please dissemiante the same among the faculty mebers of your Campus with the reqeust to keep International Office in loop while applying. This will enable us to pursue the proposal with the British Council. Thanks.  

  • Monday, May 8, 2023

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The project proposals submitted by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abid, Director Campus, and Dr. Muhammad Khalil Afzal, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department along with CUI Wah Campus faculty team have been selected under PAK-UK Education Gateway Mobility Partnership Grant for Faculty.

Pak-UK Education Gateway Mobility Partnership for Faculty provides flexible grants to UK higher education providers (HEPs) and Pakistani universities to design and deliver academically rigorous short-term mobility opportunities in Pakistan and the UK for faculty members from their respective institutions.

CUI Wah family congratulates Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abid, Dr. Muhammad Khalil Afzal, and the team for this achievement.