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F. Alam, , ''Dual HE11d mode CDRA for polarization diversity applications in K Band point-to-point communications'',.
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F. AlamRadioengineering CAST
U. Farooq, , ''An Ultraminiatuized Polarization Selective Surface (PSS) for Dual band WiFi and WLAN shielding Applications'',.
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U. FarooqIET Microwave Antenna and propagations CAST
M. Bilal, , ''Miniaturized and Flexible FSS based EM-Shields for Conformal Applications'',.
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M. BilalIEEE Trans on Electromagnetic Compatibility CAST
T. Shabbir, NULL, R. Saleem, B. Kasi, M. F. Shafique and M. T. Islam''Eight port metamaterial loaded UWB MIMO antenna system for 3D system in package applications'',2020.
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T. ShabbirIEEE2020CAST
U. Farooq, M. Farhan Shafique, M. Farhan Shafique and M. J. Mughal''Polarization Insensitive Dual Band Frequency Selective Surface for RF Shielding Through Glass Windows'',2020.
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U. FarooqIEEE2020CAST
A. Iftikhar, NULL, M. Farhan Shafique, U. farooq, M. S. Khan, S. M. Asif, A. Fida, B. Ijaz, M. N. Rafique, M. J. Mughal and M. U. Rehman''Planar SIW leaky wave antenna with electronically reconfigurable E and H plane scanning'',2019.
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A. IftikharIEEE2019CAST
R. Saleem, NULL, M. Bilal, Q. H. Abbasi, S. U. Rehman, A. Mushtaq and M. Farhan Shafique''An FSS based Multiband MIMO System incorporating 3D Antennas for WLAN/WiMAX/5G Cellular and 5G Wi-Fi Applications'',2019.
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R. SaleemIEEE2019CAST
F. Amin, NULL, R. Saleem, T. Shabbir, S. Rehman, M. Bilal and M. Farhan Shafique,''A compact quad element UWB MIMO antenna system with parasitic decoupling mechanism'',2019.
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A. Quddus, NULL, R. Saleem, S. Rehman and M. F. Shafique''Compact Quad Element UWB-MIMO Antenna with Electronically Reconfigurable WiMAX Band-Stop Capabilit'',2019.
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A. QuddusACES2019CAST
M. Z. Hameed, NULL, S. M. Chaudhry, R. Saleem, M. F. Shafique and S. Rehman ''Dielectric Resonant Antenna based Dual-port Multiple Input Multiple Output Antenna'',2019.
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M. Z. HameedACES2019CAST

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