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S.U. Khan, N. Ali, S.A. Shehzad''Analysis of second grade fluid flow in porous channel with Cattaneo-Christov and generalized Fick’s theories'',2020.
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S.U. KhanSharif University of Technology, Iran2020Mathematics
S.A. Shehzad, T. Mushtaq, Z. Abbas''Dynamics of bioconvection flow of micropolar nanoparticles with Cattaneo Christov expressions'',2020.
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S.A. ShehzadSpringer2020Mathematics
A. Rauf, S.A. Shehzad, T. Mushtaq''Statistical and numerical modeling of thermophoretic particles deposition in time-dependent magneto flow over oscillatory spinning disk'',2020.
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A. RaufIOP Science2020Mathematics
Y. Akbar, F.M. Abbasi, S.A. Shehzad''Entropy generation analysis for radiative peristaltic motion of silver-water nanomaterial with temperature dependent heat sink/source'',2020.
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Y. AkbarIOP Science2020Mathematics
D. Huu-Quan, A. Memarian, M. Izadi''Thermal performance and effectiveness of a dual-porous domestic heat exchanger for building heating application'',2020.
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D. Huu-QuanElsevier2020Mathematics
G.K. Ramesh, G.S. Roopa, S.A. Shehzad''Interaction of Al2O3-Ag and Al2O3-Cu nanoparticles with water in a moving material'',2020.
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G.K. RameshEmarld2020Mathematics
R. Kumar, R. Kumar, S.A. Shehzad''Optimal treatment of a stratified Carreau and Casson nanofluids flows in Darcy-Forchheimer porous space over porous matrix'',2020.
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R. KumarSpringer2020Mathematics
M.G. Reddy, K.G. Kumar, S.A. Shehzad''=A static and dynamic approach of aluminum alloys (AA7072-AA7075) over a semi-infinite heated plate'',2020.
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M.G. ReddyIOP Science2020Mathematics
M.S. Babu, V.V. Ramana, G. Ravisankar''Unsteady natural convection magneto hydrodynamic stagnation point flow with assisting and opposing characteristics: Buongiorno model'',2020.
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M.S. BabuWiley Online Library2020Mathematics
B. Mahanthesh, J. Mackolil, S.A. Shehzad''Statistical analysis of stagnation-point heat flow in Williamson fluid with viscous dissipation and exponential heat source effects'',2020.
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B. MahantheshWiley Online Library2020Mathematics

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