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The Library is subscribing 30,000 on-line journals (through HEC) giving access to Abstracts, TOCs, full text and Document Delivery Services. These journals are available through nine world's renowned Publishers having different databases on Sciences, Technology, Social science and humanities.

The Library at CIIT, Islamabad is spacious, well planned, and offers tranquil environment. It is fast developing into one of the richest information resource center in Islamabad. The library subscribes to a good number of periodicals and journals, which have educational value for students. In addition, it also offers its users a rich learning environment complemented with electronic information access and services. The library has circulation, reserve and reference section. Internet facilities in the library connect users to libraries around the world for reference, assistance and consultation.

The library is fully equipped with sophisticated audiovisual system. Students are encouraged to make use of the educational material available on videotapes, CDs, DVDs as well as on audiotapes. Students can search for resources using state of the art computerized library catalogue system. A portion of the library has been designated as silence-area, providing students with ideal environment for studies.

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Digital Library

The University provides access to many online databases containing journal articles (some full-text) and other information in a wide range of subject areas. The Library is subscribing 30,000 on-line journals (through HEC) giving access to Abstracts, TOCs, full text and Document Delivery Services. These journals are available through nine world's renowned Publishers having different databases on Sciences, Technology, Social science and humanities. The digital library is accessible from only within the campus.


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has provided 40,000 online books access to COMSATS Institute of Information Technology in addition to 23,000 journals that have been made available through the Digital Library Programme. The e-books support programme allows CIIT teaching staff, researchers and students to access most of the important text and reference books electronically in a variety of subject areas from within the campus. For further details visit:

Computing Facilities

CIIT has sophisticated central instructional computing facilities, which include state-of-the-art computers connected over a network to our labs and offices. Our computing labs contain more than 350 personal computer systems, interconnected via a high-speed, Ethernet network.

They offer a wide array of software including the latest packages for word processing, desktop publishing, and other applications. There are 10 labs equipped with Intel Pentium 800 MHz to 2.1 GHz, fully loaded with multimedia and Graphics Hardware (each computer lab is based on computers, one LaserJet printer and one scanner) and is fully loaded with latest equipment. Computing facility provided for faculty, research associates and students possess 1:1 ratio.

Wireless Network

Students and staff can gain access to the university network from their own computers using wireless networking at the campus. Staff at IT Support department will be able to answer queries on wireless access but cannot set up laptops or PCs personally owned by students.

IT Help

When you need help or advice on an IT related issue, IT support staff there will be able to assist with the majority of problems, and they may also if needed, call upon the support of other specialist staff.

This as a whole applies to all aspects of IT, but particularly you may need help in understanding error messages, help with diagnostic issues, or guidance on the accessibility and use of software. IT support start will in no way help with writing and completing coursework assignments for students.

With the standing by availability of material online, you will notice self-help is mostly the best way of action. After reading the related manuals and guides you may all of a sudden find yourself as an expert and are able to lend a hand to other students and yourself too.

Video Conferencing

Today's technologies include e-mails, the web and video-conferencing over broadband. The objective of establishing Distance Education at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) is to promote Distance Education through e-learning using modern Information and Communication Technologies, to enhance quality of education and to optimize the services of qualified, experienced teachers and researchers at CIIT, and to contribute towards the knowledge based economy of the country/nation. We also aim to having interaction with the renowned international academicians for imparting up-to-date knowledge and instill creativity skills in our youth.

CIIT, following its tradition to take new initiatives, has embarked upon establishing Distance Education programs using the most modern technologies. Very lately, a number of MS/PhD level courses have been delivered at campuses synchronously through video-conferencing. The Distance Education offers specialized courses especially the elective courses (where expert/suitably qualified faculty is not available on all campuses) to the students, initially, through video-conferencing. These courses may include undergraduate and graduate courses. Efforts will be made to raise the standard of these courses to international level.

In this process all CIIT campuses are linked through dedicated broadband (2MB) connectivity and video conferencing facilities. Regular courses/programs are being offered through web based technologies.

Audio Visual Aids

CIIT has equipped teaching rooms with an overhead projector (OHP) and multimedia projector facilities. Laptop, computers, video/data projectors, sound systems are available for use in most class rooms as teaching aids. Equipment is being permanently installed in many teaching rooms as resources become available.

CU Online

CU-Online, is an integrated educational system which is designed for institutions and Universities, and manages all educational and administrative operations smoothly through user friendly Interfaces. It includes the management of general student information, facility for educators to access curriculum resources, and a powerful analytical reporting capability for different types of users.

The Cu-Online focuses on this tradition to enable educators to instantly gain a subtle understanding of their teachers' and students' performance. It covers all aspects of students' information using state-of-the-art on-line features, so that authorized students, concerned educators and parents can access needed information from any location.

The system can be accessed by using standard Web browsers via Internet and/or a virtual private network (VPN) which allows a user to reach all applications through a single sign in, giving the User Interface a friendly look. It also validates users through password and other security measures. It enables the access to different areas of the system based on user roles and security authorization. In a nutshell it's a multi user, user friendly environment, helping the universities to promote quality education. And it aims to broaden and deepen the expertise and experience of personnel concerned with automation of processes.

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