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Faculty Member From BZU Multan Visited CUI, Wah Campus For Research Collaborations

A delegation comprising faculty members and researchers from Bahauddin Zakariya University's (BZU) Department of Mathematics visited COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Wah Campus on November 29, 2023, to explore potential collaborative research opportunities with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics at CUI Wah Campus. The visiting BZU faculty members were warmly received by Dr. Muhammad Rafiq, Head of Mathematics, along with Dr. S. M. Jawwad Riaz and Dr. Barkat Ullah from the Mechanical Engineering Department.

The primary focus of this collaboration centered around the examination of various facilities within the Mechanical Engineering Department, including the engine test bed, 3D printers, Dynamometer, Jet Engine Model, Mechanisms labs, and other related research areas. During the visit, the BZU team was given an extensive tour of the Mechanical Engineering Department's laboratories, with special attention paid to the engine test bed facility, showcasing cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure available for research purposes.

The visit proved to be highly productive in laying the foundation for potential research collaborations between the two universities. The areas of interest identified during the visit encompassed engine performance analysis, numerical modeling, and the application of Hydraulic Dynamometer. Both institutions expressed their dedication to nurturing collaboration through joint research projects, knowledge exchange, and the development of academic programs. Faculty members from both sides mutually agreed on embarking on joint research projects and utilizing laboratory testing facilities, involving not only faculty members but also researchers and students in the upcoming days.

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