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Seminar On Human Factors And Sustainable Development Goals

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME) organized a seminar titled "Human Factors and the United Nations, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" on November 24, 2023. The seminar was presented by the International guest speaker, Prof. Dr. Hj. Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof from the Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering and Quantity Surveying, INTI International University, Malaysia virtually via MS Teams.

The speaker presented the crucial considerations of human factors in engineering designs, particularly those having impacted the daily lives of ordinary individuals and industrial workers. He also provided a concise overview of his research team's ongoing endeavors. Emphasizing the significance of the United Nations' SDGs, Prof. Izzat explained the connection between his work and the SDGs.

The audience actively participated in an exchange of views and inquiries with the esteemed speaker, fostering a stimulating forum for discussion. In closing remarks, Dr. Muhammad Abid, Ti., Director, CUI Wah Campus, articulated the CUI's vision regarding the SDGs and expressed gratitude to Prof. Izzat for imparting his knowledge to the students and faculty members. He further extended an invitation to Prof. Izzat to revisit the CUI Wah Campus during his future visits to Pakistan.

The seminar proved to be an invaluable learning experience for all attendees, providing a deeper understanding of the interplay between human factors, engineering design, and the SDGs.

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