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Ms. Kiran Rashid, A Student Of DME CUI Wah, Has Won Funding In The US Incubation Program

BIC-COMSATS University Islamabad in collaboration with RAIN Catalyst, OREGON, USA (a U.S based NGO) executed a US-funded project for "Empowering Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs" on January 27, 2023, at COMSATS University Islamabad Campus. CEO of RAIN Catalyst, Madam Caroline Cummings was the mentor and Judge of this competition. Initially, they gave lectures to participants on how to become a woman entrepreneur and how to pitch their ideas.

COMSATS University Islamabad, Wah Campus encouraged women, students of the Campus, to apply for the subject event. The Department of Mechanical Engineering sent three projects. Out of which one student Kiran Rashid participated and won the competition and Fully Funded Networking visit to the U.S. in August 2023. She was selected by the US-RAIN team. Her project title was “Design & Fabrication of High Energy Ball Mill for the Synthesis of Nanoparticles."

The main purpose of working on this project is that Pakistan is currently importing nanoparticles for its industries and labs. She wants to make nanoparticles for additive manufacturing such as SLMS 3D Printers. Also, these nanoparticles are used in automobile gear manufacturing, cosmetics, herbs, stain removers, anti-corrosion coating on buildings, dental fillings, high-power rechargeable battery systems, thermoelectric materials for temperature control, wear-resistant coatings for machine parts, ultra-responsive hearing aids, antimicrobial/antibacterial coatings on keyboards and cell phone casings, medicines, etc.

She aims to sell these nano-particles in the open market. Her customer base includes printing labs, industries, and cosmetics industries, herbs manufacturing industries, doctors, engineers, and laborers. It will open doors of profit for her and for the country.

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