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Industrial Visit - BESTWAY Cement Limited, Farooqia Plant

The Department of Mechanical Engineering arranged an industrial visit for the students of BS(ME)-5th semester to the BESTWAY Cement Limited, Farooqia plant on December 29, 2022. At the entrance, HSE Officer formally welcomed the visit and introductory session was given by the Deputy Manager Mechanical and experts from Quality Assurance Department regarding plant history, different phases of cement manufacturing, different types of equipment that are installed along with the production units, their production capacity, research/ development, support facilities, and the aspect of commercialization along with some of the future endeavors. The students first visited the quarry and crushing area, where they learned about the different types of stones used in cement manufacturing, how the mining and crushing process works, the different types of crushers, stackers, reclaimers, feed sample collection, and how the feed is moved to the next department/area using a conveyor belt.

The students visited the raw mill area, where they were briefed on how the cement grinding process is carried out using the raw mill. The students were briefed about the raw mill rollers, bed, the operation of cyclones, dust collectors, the separation of coarse and fine particles. The students were then visited to the kiln and pre-heater. They were briefed on how the high temperature in the kiln is maintained and how the clinker is formed. They also visited clinker storage silos, a ball mill area, and a cement packing plant.

Finally, the students visited the location where a 12MW solar power generation system is installed. During the visit, students had a fruitful interactive question-answer session with Bestway Cement Plant experts in which they discussed the roles of a Mechanical Engineer in this industry. Students acknowledged the emergence of a multidisciplinary stream and the importance of Automation and Electromechanical systems in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

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