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Mathematics embodies the spirit of the liberal arts: Mathematics is an art, a pure science, a language and an analytical tool for the natural and social sciences, a means of exploring philosophical questions, and a beautiful edifice that is a tribute to human creativity.

Department of Mathematics in CIIT Sahiwal established in 2013. The Department of Mathematics is majorly acting as service department and also offering MSc Mathematics since Spring 2011 in modern class rooms equipped with multimedia and have modern computer lab for the computational softwares. The department is especially proud of the quality and diversity of its faculty available for students. This is one of the largest departments of CIIT Sahiwal interms of PhD faculty. The faculty has diverse areas of research ranging from industrial design and animation to scientific visualization and simulation.

The Department is looking to expand its programs and activities from Mathematics to Mathematical Sciences. The mission of the department is to bring life to Mathematics and Mathematics to life. Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Inter Disciplinary Mathematics areas are being pursued in teaching as well as research. 



Department of Mathematics strives to be an innovative leader through cutting edge research and leadership development. Mathematics develops computational skills, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. The theory, discipline, and techniques taught in mathematics courses are important catalyst in today's scientific and competitive world. The faculty of the Department of Mathematics recognizes this and strives to ensure that the student learner obtains this knowledge. At the same time, the faculty contributes to the discipline by fundamental research in pure, computational, applied mathematics and statistics.


Mission Statement

The Department of Mathematics is the pride and joy of CIIT Sahiwal. It boasts a highly-qualified and distinguished faculty, and is a center for excellent research and analysis.

Initially established in 2013, the Department of Mathematics is offering two years M.Sc. program and launching MS in Mathematics in near future.

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