Research Groups

Following is the list of Research Groups of our department

  • Internet, Communications and Networks (ICNet)Research Group
  • Pattern Recognition Images and Data Engineering (PRIDE)
  • Software Engineering Research Group (SERG)

Internet, Communications and Networks (ICNet)Research Group

ICNet Research Group was established by the Department of Computer Sciences in 2014. The main objective of ICNet is to promote the atmosphere of research in the area of computer networks. Our research covers a broad range of topics in networking, including network protocols and architecture, modeling and analysis, sensor networks, Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETS), Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETS), and Future Internet. At ICNet, there is a scholastic association between teachers and students, aiming to work on ongoing research projects and to explore the potential areas for future work. At ICNet, we welcome high exploratory and speculative proposals in terms of developing the potential for distinctive research in this particular area. We seek a meticulous understanding of current and emerging areas through a harmonious mix of theoretical and applied experimental research.

  1. Dr. Peer Azmat Shah
  2. Dr. Khalid M. Awan
  3. Mr. Mehr Yahya Durrani
  4. Mr. Shehzad Rizwan
  5. Mr. FarhanAadil
  6. Mr. Rehan Tariq
  7. Mr. Usman Anwar
  8. Mr. Umair Khan
  9. Mr.Qasim Jan
  10. Mr.GhassanHasnain
  11. Mr. HashimRazaBukhari 


PRIDE was established by the Department of Computer Sciences in 2014. Key role of the research group is to develop a conducive research atmosphere in the area of Pattern recognition and Data Engineering. Teachers and students work in collaboration exploring and identifying the potential areas of research in the respective fields. Pattern recognition deals with processing of raw measurement data to arrive at a prediction, which can then be used to determine a decision or action to take. It includes text and image classification, information retrieval and development of recommender systems. Data engineering focuses on methods & techniques for knowledge discovery in databases, data mining and data analysis, and on modern technologies of data warehousing. We try to address these areas through productive research and analysis.


Dr. Farman Marwat (Group Leader) Dr. Khalid Iqbal
Mr. Armughan Ali
Dr. Salabat khan
Mr. Hikmatullah khan
Ch. Muhammad Shahzad Faisal
Mr. Faisal Shahzad
Mr. Yasir Ali shah
Mr. Shahid Iqbal
Mr. Waqas Ahmed


Software engineering research group was developed by the Department of Computer Sciences in 2014. SERG actively involves in the research efforts aiming to improve the software modeling techniques, methods and tools to develop complex software systems. Current research areas include software quality assurance, software testing, fault localization, computation and performance analysis and social aspects of software engineering. Students and teachers are working conjointly on current research projects and identifying potential areas for future research. At SERG teachers not only collaborate with students in their post graduate research but also discuss their own ongoing research in their respective areas of interests.


Dr. Saqib Iqbal (Group Leader)
Mr. Fawad
Mr. Usman
Mr. Shahzad Rizwan