• Tuesday, April 5, 2022

  • CUI

  • CCRD

A session was organized by Ministry of Climate Change for the preparation of Pakistan’s Third National Communication (TNC) on Climate Change under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Major highlights of the event were: project working framework, institutions involved, budgetary allocation, addressing issues arose in Second National Communication, followed by Q&A session.

Meeting was chaired by Dr. Irfan Tariq (Secretary Env/MoCC). Officials from Ministry of Climate Change, other federal ministries, public sector institutions, INGOs/NGOs, academia/research institutions attended the meeting. Framework was shared to work on developing GHG Inventory and adaptation options with the participants. TNC will be consisted of seven chapters. Contributions in the TNC chapters will be made by GCISC, NEECA, PCRET, WWF, and MoCC/UNFCCC. Project budget has already been allocated to contributory bodies. The methodology issues in Second National Communication were highlighted. Issues such as lack of internationally recognized policy methodology, absence of Pakistan specific standards, lack of coordination among stakeholders, and use of 2006 IPCC guidelines. These issues will be addressed in TNC. IPCC guidelines (2006) will be followed, seven working groups have been formed, calculations will be done in the provided fixed templates (similar to SDGs).

In Q/A session, organizations offered their support to the TNC. Representative from Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) offered to provide data on environmental pollutants for GHG inventory. it was responded that environmental pollutants will not be part of GHG inventory in TNC. Representative from academia/research institution asked for their contribution in the project to which it was responded that facilitation will be provided to academia in this regard. The event was ended with vote of thanks.