ORID-PD Successful Workshops

Sr. No. Title Of the Workshop
1Training workshop on: "Intellectual Property Rights"
2Training workshop on: "ANDROID Mobile Application Development "
3Training workshop on: "Drafting Patent Applications"
4Training workshop on: "Writing wining Reasearch Proposals"
5Training workshop ISO 17025 Accreditation : "Preparing your Organization for Compliance"
6Training workshop on: "Hands on Workshop on Writing Winning Research Proposals"
7Training workshop on: "Advances in Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures"
8Training workshop on: "Fostering Innovation & Entrepreneurship Through Incubation"
9Training workshop on: "Writing Scientific Papers and Publications Showcasing the Scientific Talent to the World"
10Training workshop on: "Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis"
11Training workshop on Technical Clauses of ISO 17025: "Measurement Uncertainty and Method Validation"
12Training workshop on "Professional Photography"
13Training workshop on "Patentability: Determining what can be patented"
14Training workshop on "Enhance Your Research Skills: Qualitative & Quantitative Reasearch Methods"
15Training workshop on "Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Control"
16Training workshop on "Applying Quantitative Research Techniques using SPSS"
17Training workshop on "Getting Published in Reputed International Journals"
18Training workshop on "ISO 17025: Practical Training on Technical Clauses"
19Training workshop on "Designing & Implementing Filed Research"
20Training workshop on "Applying Quantitative Reasearch Techniques Using SPSS"
21Training Workshop on "Critical Thinking and Development Research Problems"
22Training workshop on "Effective Professional Writing"
23Training workshop on "Manuscript Writing"
24Training workshop on "ISO 17025 Accreditation: Understanding the Change"
25Workshop on "Effective Negotiation Skills"
26Training workshop on "Teaching with Care"
27Training workshop on "SPSS for Public Health and Life Sciences Research"
28"Science Centers &Science Museums " - World Science Day, 2016
29Workshop on "Defensive Driving Skills"
30Workshop on "Drug Discovery &Development" (Batch 1)
31Workshop on "Strategic Corporate Foresigh and Strategy Development
32Training workshop on "Drafting Patents"
33Training workshop on "Writing Winning Research Proposals"
34Training workshop on "Food Safety and Hygine Management"
35Training workshop on "Structural Equation Modeling Using AMOS"
36Workshop on "Improving Drug Delivery Standards and Regularaty Compliance in Community Pharmacy"
37Training workshop on "High Performance Team Culture"
38Training workshop on "Managing & Engaging Stakeholders in Construction & Civil Infrastructure Development Projects"
39Training workshop on "Structural Equation Modeling Using AMOS"
40Workshop on "Data Analysis for next generation sequencing (NGS)"
41Workshop on "Principles and Applications of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)"
42International workshop on "Techno Parks: Opportunity to seize a Lever of Competitiveness"
43Workshop on "Structural Equation Modeling using SmartPLS"
44Workshop on "Technical Requirements of ISO 17025"
45Workshop on "Drug Discovery & Development" (Batch 2)
46Workshop on "Working with Microdata using Stata"

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