Hands-on Training on "Sentiment Analysis using R" 18-19 January, 2024 A New Paradigm in Research

Contemporary research has embraced a narrative-oriented approach, wherein the utilization of textual information for hypothesis testing is considered a significant avenue for researchers. Natural Language Processing (NLP), a vital component of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a forefront area of research. Its widespread adoption in research is well-recognized in top accounting and finance journals.

Sentiment analysis, an area of NLP, have proven the utility in diverse applications such as (a) forecasting bankruptcy, (b) assessing financial performance, and (c) predicting stock market trends. This escalating significance of sentiment analysis has paved the way for new research opportunities. This hands-on training program is meticulously designed to enhance the skills of faculty and graduate students, enabling them to address the frontier of research challenges effectively.


Who should participate?

  • Researchers and faculty who wish to apply for local/international research grants.
  • MS/PhD candidates who wish to apply for local and international scholarships and want to work in the frontier of research.

Learning outcomes include understanding:

Day 1

Day 2

  • Big Data
  • Machine learning models
  • Types of text data
  • Types of text analysis
  • Financial dictionaries
  • Introduction to R software
  • Installation of R software
  • Installation of R studio
  • Corpus-based path
  • Convert pdf files into text UTF-8 files.
  • Cleaning of text files
  • Reading financial dictionary
  • Extracting sentiment-based positive / negative scores
  • Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF) based positive/negative scores.
  • Writing positive/negative words into CSV files for predictive modeling.



For registration click here: https://rb.gy/4z0fna , Last date of registration is 16th January, 2024

For further information please contact us at: +92-340-0505570 or email us at oric-pd@comsats.edu.pk"


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Thursday, December 28, 2023

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