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Kayode Raheem

Reg #: FA22/RBI/021/ISB

RBI2024Islamabad View Details

Reg #: SP16/Phd(Bio)/004/ISB

Phd(Bio)2023Islamabad View Details
Ambar Saleem

Reg #: SP22/RBS/003/ISB

RBS2024Islamabad View Details
Najmun Nahar

Reg #: SP22/RBS/018/ISB

RBS2024Islamabad View Details
Muhammad Ihtisham

Reg #: SP20/RSE/013/ISB

RSE2024Islamabad View Details
Mudasar Hayat

Reg #: SP22/RMT/030/ISB

MS(Maths)2024Islamabad View Details
Yasir Abbas Chaman

Reg #: FA20/REL/018/ISB

REL2023Islamabad View Details
Sana Sarwar

Reg #: SP22/RPH/044/ISB

MS(Phy)2024Islamabad View Details
Abdul Hadi

Reg #: SP20/BBA/003/ISB

BBA2024Islamabad View Details
Fatima Mumtaz

Reg #: FA19/R06/018/ISB

MS(CHM)2022Islamabad View Details
Romeen Sohail

Reg #: FA21/RME/004/ISB

RME2024Islamabad View Details
Iza Arshad

Reg #: SP22/RBS/009/ISB

RBS2024Islamabad View Details
Izza Shafique

Reg #: SP22/RMT/019/ISB

MS(Maths)2024Islamabad View Details
abeera zahid

Reg #: SP22/RMI/001/ISB

RMI2024Islamabad View Details
Nimra Arooj

Reg #: SP22/RBM/015/ISB

RBM2024Islamabad View Details
Talha Sajjad

Reg #: SP20/REE/024/ISB

REE2023Islamabad View Details
Tehreem Waqar

Reg #: SP20/BBA/181/ISB

BBA2024Islamabad View Details
Sara Bibi

Reg #: SP18/Phd(Bio)/006/ISB

Phd(Bio)2023Islamabad View Details
Muhammad Zeeshan

Reg #: FA20/PMT/003/ISB

PMT2024Islamabad View Details
Ghanwa Batool

Reg #: SP21/RCS/012/ISB

RCS2023Islamabad View Details

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