Dr.Kamal Hussain Khan

Reg. #: CIIT/FA08-PPH-010/ISB
Phd Graduate #: 102

Thesis Title: Nuclear Coalescence Effect at High Engergies
Supervisor: Dr. Mais Suleymanov  
Degree Title: Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

Department: Physics  

External Evaluation:

The following experts reviewed the thesis of Dr. Kamal Hussain Khan  and recommended him for the award of PhD degree:

Foreign Examiners

Dr. Alexander Cheplakov
Laboratory of High Energy Physics, 
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR),
6, Joliot-Curie, Dubna, Moscow Region, 
141980, Russia
Prof. Dr. R. Brandt
Professor, Phillips University,
Am Strauch 9, D-35041- Marburg, Germany
Prof. Stanislav Vokal
P.J. Safarik University in Kosice
Faculty Of Science
Srobarova 2
041 54 Kosice

Local Examiners

Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi
Dean, Faculty of Engineering Sciences
GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology
KPK, Pakistan

Oral Examination:

 Dr. Kamal Hussain Khan appeared in Oral Examination in front of a panel consisting of 4 members including two external experts namely:
Dr. Gul Feroze Tariq
H 496-F, G-9/3,
Dr. Matiullah
Chief Scientist, Physics Division, 
Nilore Islamabad.

Other Members of the Panel:

Dean, Faculty of Sciences
CIIT (Convener)
Chairperson, Department of Physics
CIIT (Member)
Head, Department of Physics
CIIT, Islamabad Campus (Member/ Secretary )
Dr. Mais Suleymanov
Department of Physics
CIIT, Islamabad Campus (Supervisor)

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