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Brief : "Professional Training for Teachers of FLE"

Professional Training for Teachers of FLE (French as a Foreign Language)

Dr. Samira Azmat, Lecturer Department of Humanities, was nominated by the department of Humanities for a scholarship program offered by the government of France, initiated by the International Office CUI, Islamabad. This training was held at CAVILAM (Centre d’Approches Vivantes des Langues et des Médias) - Alliance Française, Vichy in France.

CAVILAM is a center of excellence for French language which was established in 1964 under the impulse of the Universities of Clermont-Ferrand and the city of Vichy. It is world-renowned for its action in pedagogical innovation. Each year, this institute trains more than 4000 interns and international students from over 120 nationalities. It uses the latest methodological innovations as part of communication, an action-oriented approach to teaching that combines intensive learning through various activities and techniques to promote the acquisition of communication skills and rewarding intercultural exchanges.

The Professional Training for Teachers of FLE covered different modules, including Teaching French as a foreign language today: culture, society, and new pedagogical trends, Teaching language and culture: an intercultural approach, The use of media in the language class, Diversify your teaching practices with digital technology, and Setting up of and use of differentiated learning activities in class. The training also included conferences on critical approaches and challenges faced in the domain of FLE and workshops on different themes related to FLE. Overall, it was an exceptionally enriching experience that allowed learning the latest skills and techniques for professional teaching.

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