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Research Work by Department of Humanities

Dr. Fayyaz Ahmad Faize completed his HEC project and submitted final project completion report to ORIC for submission to HEC.

Dr. Tehmina Khwaja Assistant Professor Department of Humanities

Manuscript accepted: Mahoney, K. R., & Khwaja, T. “Living and leading in a digital age: A narrative study of the attitudes and perceptions of school leaders about media literacy.” Journal of Media Literacy Education.

Manuscripts submitted: Khwaja, T., & Eddy, P. L. “A discourse model of inaugural addresses by presidents of high profile research universities” Khwaja, T., & Mahoney, K. R. “Adapting narrative methodology to explore emerging fields.”

Forthcoming Book: Eddy, P. L., Ward, K. A., & Khwaja, T. (Eds.) Critical approaches to women and gender in higher education. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.

Conference paper accepted: Khwaja, T., & Eddy, P. L. November, 2016. "Rhetorical perspectives of research university presidents on higher education and the public good." Peer reviewed roundtable presentation at the Association for the Study of Higher Education, Columbus, OH.

Dr. Waqar Husain Sukoon Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities.

Research Paper Published: Waqar Husain, Amir Gulzar, Muhammad Aqeel, & Aziz-ur-Rahman Rana. (2015). “The mediating role of depression, anxiety and stress between job strain and turnover intentions among male and female teachers”. FWU Journal of Social Sciences. 10(1), 48-57

Dr. Mubeen Akhtar, Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities

Coping Styles and Socio-demographic Variables as Predictors of Psychological Well-Being among International Students Belonging to Different Cultures (Submitted)

Academic Stress predicting Psychosomatic Distress and Psychological Wellbeing in International Students and their Domestic Counterparts (In progress)

Dr Inayat Kaleem Assistant Professor Department of Humanities

Research Paper Published: "Gwadar Port: Serving Strategic Interests of Pakistan" in Journal of South Asian Studies.

Dr Sohail Ahmed Assistant Professor Department of Humanities

Research Paper Published: “From Cautious Distance to Pro-Active Involvement: A Historical Analysis of Gradual Shift in Pakistan Policy towards Afghanistan (1973-2015)”. FWU Journal of Social Sciences, Summer 2016, Vol 10. No. 1

Dr. Aliya Zafar, PRO Department of Humanities

Dr. Aliya has submitted a paper to international journal for bilingual education on language as a resource and is currently working on two research papers:

  1. Action Research
  2. International students perspectives on acculturation in US Universities
  3. Working on 3 research projects.

Dr. Saeed Anwar, AP. Department of Humanities

Acceptance for conferences:

1. Impact of Mentoring on professional development of Prospective Teachers in Pakistan: Mentors’ And Mentees’ Perception by Dr. Saeed Anwar and Dr. Arshad Bashir

  1. Distance Learning Programs: A critical analysis of online programs in Pakistan by Dr. Arshad Bashir & Dr. Saeed Anwar

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