COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) is a prestigious educational institute with highly developed computer labs, excellent faculty, and a professional working environment. The university provides a complete educational ecosystem that facilitates and promotes the training of future graduates and professionals in various disciplines that enjoy great market value. The launching of BS Media and Communication Studies, a 4-year program, in Fall 2022 is yet another significant contribution of CUI to promoting quality education in the country. This program will open many avenues for graduates at the national and global levels by enabling them to excel in journalism and other related specializations such as advertising, public relations, and the entertainment industry, thereby enhancing their employability.

Program Objectives

The BS Media and Communication Studies will help students become better communicators. It will develop different skills for writing and editing news stories. It will help the students to understand diverse kinds of media in-depth, print, broadcast, and social media, and provide good quality education in the field of Journalism for assuming different roles in the print and electronic media, such as writers, producers, directors, and so on. It aims to polish skills in advertising for organizing effective media campaigns and preparing better and more effective communicators to meet the challenges of the Public Relations domain. It will equip future media practitioners with essential professional skills and competencies and enhance their critical abilities in conducting media research. The BS Media and Communication program will inculcate a sense of media literacy to overcome the challenges of media globalization.

Scope of BS Media and Communication Studies degree in real world

The Media and Communication Studies program is often associated with Journalism, but the graduates of this program can be part of diverse fields. The scope of the degree varies with the student's choice of the type of area selected as their specialized fields, such as Print Media, Electronic Media, Advertising & Public Relations, Development Support Communication, Social Media, Film, Theatre and Television.

The candidates admitted to BS Media and Communication Studies can choose a wide range of career options. They can work as a journalist in print / electronic media. Public relations officers in different national and multinationals or be part of various NGOs and help in development projects in the country. These graduates can work as successful entrepreneurs and advertisers and effectively boost the economy using social media platforms. They can work freelance or become directors, producers, and writers in the entertainment industry. Likewise, they can be part of performing arts, like film, theatre, and television, and consequently, enrich the field of Art and Literature. Furthermore, they can play a constructive role in society by joining the teaching and research domain.


CUI has qualified faculty with MS and Ph. D degrees from national and international universities who can provide quality education in diverse Media and Communication Studies fields and prepare future graduates for research and practice in BS Media and Communication Studies.

Student Activities on Campus

Department of Humanities believes in engaging students in academic and nonacademic activities which enable students to have real-world exposure. Therefore, students of BS Media and Communication Studies would have an opportunity to be a part of such activities as International Conferences, Seminars, Talks, and Panel discussions on diverse issues related to their field. In addition, students would also be given an opportunity to work actively in organizing various events on the campus that enable them to enter their practical lives confidently.

Duration 04 Years (16 years of education)
Total semesters 08
Total Number of Credit Hours: 135
Semester Duration 16-18 Weeks
Course load per semester: 15-18 Credit Hours
Number of courses per semester: 5-6 courses
50% marks in FA/FSc/A level
Valid NTS (NAT) result
*The eligibility for admission will be determined on the basis of results in percentages.

Grading Criteria

GPA system: Undergraduate Rules of CUI will be applied.


Course Description

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