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Theme of the 2nd Conference - "Indus Civilization in the Regional Context"

"Collaboration and linkages for sustainable conservation, care and protection of the Ancient site of Harappa and to bring it on the World Heritage List of UNESCO"


The archaeological site of Harappa is located in Sahiwal District, Punjab Province, Pakistan. Situated in the flood plain of the river Ravi, these mounded ruins are well known as the site of a major urban center of the Indus or Harappan Civilization (ca. 2600/2500-2000/1900 BC). In 1986, a long-term program of investigations into the origins and character of Indus urban centers was initiated at Harappa by the late Prof. George F. Dales and Dr. J. M. Kenoyer. In 1992, the original University of California-Berkeley project was transformed into the Harappa Archaeological Research Project (HARP) with 1997 marking the fifth field season of the reoriented project directed by Drs. Richard H. Meadow (Harvard University), J. Mark Kenoyer (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Rita P. Wright (New York University).


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