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Prof. Dr. Athar obtained his PhD in Meteorology in 2008 from University of Missouri, Columbia, USA. His current research interests include geo-informatics, and global and local climate change diagnosis and attributions.  In recent past, he has studied in detail the state of climate in the Arabian Peninsula. He has considerable research and teaching experience in Japan, Taiwan, USA, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and several countries in Europe. He has delivered a large number of seminars based on his research at institutes such as FNAL and ASPEN (USA), CERN (Switzerland), DESY (Germany), LAPP (France), KIAS (Korea), and KEK and YITP (Japan). Dr. Athar also obtained a PhD in Physics in 1996 from Quaid-i-Azam University. His research interests in Physics included the theoretical and experimental aspects of High Tc Superconductors, and Neutrino Astroparticle Physics. His main contributions in Neutrino Astroparticle Physics included the double shower event rate estimates for high energy astrophysical tau neutrinos, while he was a postdoctoral fellow in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. He and his collaborators clarified the role of neutrino flavor oscillations for high energy astrophysical neutrinos, while he was a post-doctoral fellow in Tokyo, Japan. Prof. Athar is an approved HEC supervisor in Physical Sciences. He is serving as COMSATS Science Ambassador in the field of Climate Change since 2015. Dr. Athar is also serving Head of Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD) at CUI since 2018.

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