Mr. Engr. Shad Muhammad

Lecturer of Civil Engineering, CUI Sahiwal Campus

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Engr. Shad Muhammad, is basically a 'Structural Engineer' by Profession, and currently providing services at COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus, in field the Academia for the Civil Engineering Department.

He has been serving as a 'Lecturer' at various Universities of Pakistan since 2016. Shad loves teaching; inculcates the spirit of joy and learning among his students.

Critical Thinking, Problem Analysis, Solution Building, and (Services, System, and Product) Optimization
are the vital aspects of his career goals.

According to Shad, Character Building, not limited to 'Principals of Morality' and 'Professional Ethics', is the key dimensions for attaining success in Civil Engineering Profession.

Shad tries to enhance his students with 'Soft Skills' and believes a Civil Engineer is the Leader of the Society, if he/she masters the skills of Relationship and Trust Building.

Apart from his professional career / primary job, he is involved in Psychological Counselling of his Clients and play with his daughters.

Step Up! Come, and join him in his journey towards greater achievements. Undoubtedly, Leaders produce Leaders! Stop searching, and unlock the true potential in knowing your capabilities, aligning your goals with your capabilities, and here is where he find himself, an Influencer.

If education is expensive, try ignorance!
(Derik Bok)

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