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Tenured Associate Professor of Physics, CUI Lahore Campus

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Dr. Rizwan Raza completed Ph.D. in Energy Technology with a specialization in Fuel Cell Technology from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Sweden. Dr. Raza has 16 years of experience in Energy research and teaching. Raza has published more than 200 international journal papers, delivered 60 Invited Talks and presented 30 conference papers with total impact factor 1200, h-Index-42 and the total number of citations about 5600 (source: Google Scholar). He has also edited 02 books and 10 book chapters. After completion of Ph.D. work, Dr. Raza has also worked under the Swedish Research Council project, known as Energy researcher, He has been working on several multidisciplinary projects regarding “Energy conversion & Energy storage devices (Fuel cells, Solar cells, Batteries, Supercapacitor)” in a variety of applications, including distributed and stationary power, cogeneration, transportation, and small scale portable power applications.

Dr. Raza was the key member of the team who invented “New Energy Conversion Device” which is a simpler and more cost-effective replacement of traditional fuel cells. This mega achievement was reported in the world acclaimed journal “Nature Nanotechnology” in addition to many other scientific journals/media including Advanced Functional Materials and Swedish Magazine.

Currently, he is a Tenured Associate Professor and Associate Head of the department. He is also Head of the Clean Energy Research Group at COMSATS Institute with 10 members and graduate students in wide cooperation with surrounding university staff and researchers. At this moment, Dr. Raza has supervised 4 Ph.D. projects including one joint Ph.D. in KTH, Sweden. Moreover, Raza has supervised 10 MS/BS international students and 50 MS/BS students for national-level projects. Dr. Raza has also established a well-equipped Fuel cell research laboratory at COMSATS, Lahore. It is one of the earliest fuel cell research laboratories in Pakistan. The R&D activities of the laboratory are mainly focused on the engineering fundamentals of advanced materials, core components, system integration, and process control in the areas of fuel cells and solar cells. He has visited the USA, UK, Sweden, France, Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Finland, Poland, Netherland, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Czech Republic, and China for conferences and Professional Societies’ meetings. He is the focal person to organize the International Conference “NanoSET-14 &NanoSET-2017” COMSATS.

Dr. Raza is member and fellow of societies including RSC (UK), ECS (USA), ISE (Switzerland), Advance MRS (Singapore), MRS(USA), American Nanosociety (USA), Society of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (UK), SFMT(Sweden), NANOCOFC (Sweden), WWE (Germany), PIPs (Pak.), and SCRET (Pak), etc. Dr. Raza is the Guest Editor of the Int. J. Hydrogen Energy. He has a research collaboration with international Universities including KTH (Sweden), Aalto University (Finland), Chalmers University (Sweden), Linkoping University, (Sweden),UCL (UK), Nigde University (Turkey), University of Minho (Portugal), Tianjin University (China). He is also working as the reviewer of many international Journals e.g. JPS, IJHE, JNN, Ionics, Meccanica, IJER, ACS, and RSC, etc.


Pakistan Academy of Science, Gold Medal- PAS-2018
Best Researcher Award, CUI, 2017
The first position as a Young Productive Scientists of Pakistan PCST- 2017
Research Productivity Award(RPA),Pakistan Council of Science and Technology PCST-2012, 2013,2014,2015,2017
Travel Award NanoEnergy Conference Finland-2017
Research Productivity Awards, (RPA) (Every year) CIIT-2011-2018
Commonwealth Early Career Research Award UK-2016
Marquis Lifetime Award Winner - 2017,2018
Travel Award AFM USA-2015
Energy initiative day, 09th Nov.2011 Sweden -2011
I2P ® Stockholm (Idea to product) Winner I2P-2011
NANOSMAT Travel Scholarship Award (2000 Euro) USA-2012
Who is Who in the world-2012- selected for special biography 2012
HEC Travel Grants for Int. Conferences 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012, 2013, 2014,2017
Prize Poster competition (Cash award 20,000 SEK, about 2200 Euro): Sweden -
I2P ® Stockholm (Idea to product) Winner
Best Performance Award: GETT Fuel cells Int. AB,

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